Friday, May 2, 2014

Es-Say #12 Paul has nothing to lose...

This blog entry is just a simply, but lovely, rant. It concerns the current 2014 Paul McCartney "Out There" Tour and how many fans have expressed displeasure with countries or venues chosen to play. It was my view that some of the locations fit a theme of being "New" to go along with both the song on the 2013 album of the same name. Ecuador, for example on the 28th of April, was the first time he played in the country. Other venues in America have had something "new" to celebrate, even if Paul had performed before in the exact location. Bottom line is that this current tour has taken a detour to not play all the expected locations.

I don't listen to anyone who complains about Paul appearing in entire continents for 2014, like Asia or South America because they can't seem to grasp that South Korea and Ecuador are separate countries. Equally, though I do understand the frustration expressed by Australian fans(it's possibly been decades) he can choose to play locations he's never played before. The fact that he wants to continue international touring should be acknowledged in itself.

So where does that leave me? Or anyone else for that matter who would like to watch a 2014 Paul McCartney concert. The year isn't over yet and modern times has provided the ability to watch and listen to multiple web video, reports, photos etc. So, maybe you'll have to wait until 2015 or 2016, when he's 74. Oh yes, I don't think he's going to "pack it in" anytime soon. My advice would be to chill because all these complains about the tour will seem silly when he again plays Madison Square Garden or The O2, at some point. It's important to note the set lists haven't changed that much. All the new songs have been promoted in television broadcasts. It's only a couple not expected songs being thrown into the setlist. In the meantime, enjoy all live material that is readily "Out There".

Rant over, I'm off to another Record buyers show....

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