Thursday, May 22, 2014

Es-Say #15 Save Us (or is it "Spare Us"?)

I think I've got more relief to know that Paul McCartney's "Save Us" performance from October 2013 on iHeartRadio, broadcasted from NYC has finally been released as a video.

Maybe it comes at the right time as all the rumours about Paul McCartney's health is of no actual comfort. Officially, he has a virus. That's the reason the Japan and South Korea tour got cancelled. I'd rather be worried about something more tangible than people giving random medical opinions. My cousin has worked in the medical profession for decades. Should I ask her about how long it will take for McCartney to be well again? She might have an educated opinion, but not enough information to advise anymore than anyone would. I think I'll wait until McCartney's actual doctor says something, if anything needs to be made public at all.

Another concern was that something must be terribly wrong with his health because he's never cancelled so many shows all at once. I also don't think it was unheard of anymore than cancelling THAT Japan tour in 1980. It's a first time occurrence and what I like to call "Life." I just think he's allergic to Japan!(of course, I'm kidding as the official press report made it clear he was 100% willing to go onstage against doctor's orders.)

Concerts cancelled for illness reasons by many other musicians have been just as generalized in press statements. However, it does not lead people to normally question if the musician is at their end of days or unable to continue touring. The "...But he's Paul McCartney" reasoning is a bit silly because that would make him like "Newman"(uh, his "Appreciate" video Robot star); not human at all. Most touring musicians, including Paul, have insurance and good management ready for any event that would interrupt a leg of a tour. The creditable information will be released but still people will not rest without Paul being more vocal. Another Life magazine cover, Perhaps?

No, he isn't really dead again...   

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