Friday, November 8, 2019

ES-SAY #129

New Vinyl- Why Does It Cost So Much?

This Standard Version LP Copy Of "Egypt Station" came out later than expected(Photo  

Vinyl. It's something I collect. However, I've had enough of seeing new vinyl for sale.  However, I caved in and purchased Red Rose Speedway(two LP version) to play on my new suitcase record player. It's half price at HMV for £19.99. (I also was shocked to find out that Wings Over America cost £53.99 in the same rack. Keep your album. I'll survive.)

Lately, I don't understand how the recording industry works when they are putting so much time into promoting new vinyl and trying to avoid releasing CDs. The physical copies released are favouring vinyl over CDs and making streaming services the places to listen to music-on-the-go. Modern times that favour vinyl, simply because it's been advertised in rainbow colors is not how I picture(uh, I meant "Picture Disc-ed) the future of buying music.

Upon purchasing the two disc version of Red Rose Speedway, it turned out to have a disadvantage. It was missing nine bonus tracks. Songs like Cmoon and Live and Let Die are nowhere to be heard. Here is the track list(left) compared with my 2-CD version that I bought last year(right)-

  I think I got "snookered." I also took the time to get to my partners computer after receiving this message(below) when I tried to get the MP3 tracks on my phone-

It didn't take very long to get the .ZIP file but then I got both confused and concerned that my head might be on a platter if I didn't bury the 18 individual files in an unobvious place(again, not my computer). This version of the album can't be streamed online but since it's a mishmash anyway, I'm not interested finding it even if it was on Spotify.

The vinyl also wasn't a gatefold and these are the records and booklet(without lyrics, CD version has lyrics).

 19.99 for this version was not what I expected but I'm glad I didn't pay full price. LPs, in my opinion, 180 grams or not, should cost as much as the CD versions. £10 a platter, sounds reasonable as I don't even think it's going to be collectable to a point that justifies the £20+ price tag here-

 It's no mystery but I predict that places like HMV where I bought Red Rose Speedway are not moving inventory very well and prices may come down even lower. I have yet to see people in the shops, like even the local supermarket specifically buying new vinyl. The sales are pretty much coming from places like Paul McCartney's vinyl releases for Egypt Station was a confusing mess as only one version costing around £40 was available at HMV on release day though several versions were announced. (I cancelled the green vinyl version as it was taking to long after the albums September release to come out).

"New Vinyl Vs Old Vinyl" is no contest for me. I'm all about collecting old vinyl and paying less. As much as I was disappointed in the Red Rose Speedway double LP, as a new LP release, I will take better care in the future.

BTW, Record Store Day is coming up on the 29th of November. Paul is coming out with an LP release of two songs exclusive to RSD. I don't think I have a chance in hell of finding it in a record store, so I will see what it's being sold for on Ebay, later in that day. The Streaming copies will be available a week earlier, so I'll commit to buying those copies instead. You can't go wrong with Egypt Station outtakes(I assume that's what they are...) for £1.98 as compared to the sludge of queuing up outside a Record Store and paying 23.99?!. Record Store Day is fine for some but I've learned my lesson. If you want the Vinyl, don't bother trying to get a Beatles/Paul title at RSD. Do what I did, buy a RSD release years later in a foreign country and then flip out when finding out is selling it online.  

Oh, the joy of new vinyl, it's so shiny!

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Friday, October 18, 2019

ES-Say #128

The Blog With No Point And Little Thought

                         A photo for my website back in 2014 when I started the blog.

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney(The Blog) has returned, yet there is little to write about since real life had taken precedent. Almost an entire year of personal heath problems that took my focus about music and Paul McCartney in general to take a back seat. I feel less motivated to promote my website so I expect low readership for this post because I'm only going to post the link on my facebook pages. 


To be fair, I pretty much have been following what Paul has been up to lately. "Hey Grand Dude!" seemed to have a great publicity campaign but I was unable to get the information out on time(despite earlier posting the pre-order that was announced last year, before my decline in health). I haven't felt that I've got the motivation to keep up and a bit of technology(new phone, old phone, loss of passwords...) is letting me down as well.

I do feel like packing it in, but I'm not going to do that. This blog started due to my Beatles collecting and a distraction to another private matter. I started planning and writing the blog in Florida, USA before continuing in London, UK. I feel as my health has declined but improved, maybe it will inspire myself to go back to the blog's original content.  That's right, the life and times of a Woman who collects Bootleg CDs and doesn't appreciate being "Schooled"(or nicely explained) by other people that I don't know much about The Beatles or Paul McCartney. The Beatles have been part of my life before I officially got to become a "Second Generation" fan. Had my mother not had a crate of Beatles records, a memorable poster, or the fact that I got to perform Beatle songs on stage at Carnegie Hall at age 11, I may not have become the crazy fan I am today. (BTW- Yoko Ono did not break up The Beatles, there are too many other examples to support why Apple collapsed and the band disbanded.)


I want to gripe about the Linda McCartney photo tours in Glasgow, Liverpool, and Osaka, Japan not coming to London. This is not my main priority at the moment. I'm still disappointed and have tried to forget that due to illness, I could not attend the Liverpool and London 2018 Paul McCartney concerts. This is all water under the bridge. I'm also in no condition to travel for the next several months, so a part of me hopes there will be no upcoming UK tour.

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping! I will say I got a great partner(AKA THE FOOT) because he bought me the issue of Radio Times with The Beatles on the cover promoting the 50th Anniversary of The Abbey Road Album. As a magazine collector, it ticks all the boxes- great cover, great article, and announcement about a pop-up Beatles radio station that I heard a bit of. I would have listed longer had my portable DAB radio worked better(kept cutting out), but interesting and got me crying a bit. (Due to illness, crying was due part to my frustration to being unwell, Eleanor Rigby made me lose it for a short time).

When I was able to return to my own home after returning from the hospital, my collection is in a bit of a state. I tried to buy some new magazine racks online but I'll start crying again as I can't assemble the pieces("Return To Sender, Address Unknown"-thanks Elvis!). I'm basically stacking my magazines but I'll need to replace the current files which are made with cheap cardboard and can be described best as "Buckling."

I really want a copy of the Linda McCartney: Polaroid Diaries. I asked for a review copy but I've received nothing. I wished that I'd be able to comment on recent releases. So.....let's see....

1. Linda McCartney: The Polaroid Diaries- Samples of the pictures have been released. I'm still waiting for the review copy or to get it as a Christmas gift.

2. Hey Grand Dude- Not Paul's first children's book. I don't have the other one and I'm not seeing a copy of the new book a the library(probably too popular).

3. Abbey Road 50th Anniversary- On the Christmas List, listened to it on Spotify. I have a Holland version from years back which sounds better and I'm not so impressed with the remastered version. The vocals seem stretched out, I can't really explain the reason why this is.

4. New Linda McCartney Frozen Foods product "Fish Cakes." Tastes like salmon, crispy and good. I miss the "Fish Scampi" product and the "Lasagne" but you can't win them all. 

5. Beatle Calendars- I've ordered a day planner diary for £7(includes shipping). It's probably unofficial. I've seen about 5 different calendars online(2 are probably official). best to wait for 2020 when the price reduces but I'm still on the look out in the shops. The Works, a bookstore/Arts & Crafts, retail store has one on their website but I found it at HMV(see photos).

6. The Beatles Singles Collection- Vinyl Release. Something like 20+ new 7" 45rpm of all the Singles. I'll start a "go fund me page" because there is no way in hell I'm spending £187.99. I don't buy box sets anyway for this reason

McCartney On A Budget

The last four CD reissues from Capital from Paul's back catalogue. I wound up with two of them- "Paul is Live"(1993) and the Russian covers album ('88) . I cherry pick my purchases usually but I have standards. For example, I said I don't buy box sets. (There is no major Broad Street release since 1993 Holland reissue, I plan to throw money at that Box Set if it ever sees the light of day). Standards? I meant "bang for bucks." £187.99? (Amazon is asking £194! Not on my radar, sorry!).
             CHOPA B CCCP(1988) is missing- Noooooooooo! I'm looking everywhere

Online, I ordered a "questionable release" of McCartney studio demos. It was a CD I would buy if I had seen it at a an official Record Fair. I can't say if I have all of these tracks from Rude Studios in 1980 but the price was right- Under £20. I have no idea what the quality of the release will be. I can tell what kind of transfer copy it is when I see it. A CD-R it could very well be.

Did I mention how much I miss Jewel CD Cases as well. The modern day cardboard wrinkles up. It's pathetic; it's annoying; it's time to leave you with the question-

Where is my Paul McCartney 1988 Capitol Reissue CD? I need to complain about it's terrible cardboard packaging once I find it....







Friday, July 5, 2019

ES-Say #127

Linda McCartney Retrospective Opens In Glasgow

Glasgow's Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum(above, Photo
The McCartney Family with Sarah Brown, have curated a new retrospective gallery showing of Linda McCartney's photographic archival works. It opened today in Glasgow, Scotland at the Kelvingrove museum. Paul McCartney spoke with Radio Scotland to discuss the new event, in a new interview, taped last month, that aired last night. The full Rick Ross Meets...interview is available at

The interview revealed many sentimental reflections concerning Linda McCartney as a Photographer, Animal Activist, Mother, and Wife. Paul and Linda were married for thirty years until her passing in 1998 from Breast Cancer. The McCartney's connection to their farm in Aryll, Scotland combined with their love of Glasgow was of significance to choose Kelvingrove to feature her photography.

You might recall that "Mull of Kintyre" was the hit Wings song based on their home in Aryll. The observational-styled phototography that Linda took around the farm of her family, is displayed alongside with her 1960s photo journalism of Rock Musicians. The scope of her work is also featured in Polaroids and contact sheets. Even though some of these photos have previously been printed in books, and magazines(Linda's photo of Eric Clapton appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone, was the first time the magazine used a female photographer), it is refreshing to re-examine her collection that will be available at the Kelvingrove until January 2020.

Glasgow is a wonderful city, and the Kelvingrove Museum is one of its best tourist attractions. Not to be missed and further information of the Linda Retrospective can be found at

In other Linda McCartney news, her 1998 compilation album, Wide Prairie will be released in August on Vinyl and Streaming Download. A Limited Edition, Coloured Vinyl Edition can be purchased now at the Kelvingrove Museum. Unfortunately, the album will not be coming out as a physical copy on CD. (It could be rare to own the original run of the album from 21 years ago.)
This no-CD trend might continue after the July 12th CD Re-Releases of four of Paul's back catalogue albums on MPL/Capitol/UMe. Time will tell, but vinyl maybe ditched in the future as streaming services offer albums conveniently at lower prices and have been favoured over physical copy releases for sometime now.

Visit our new Facebook Group- Paul McCartney Fan News London for all the latest and don't forget to check out our blog updates "fun club" group here-

Friday, June 21, 2019

ES-SAY #126

The Case of The Missing ES-Says- A Polite Notice

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney would like to be Frank. You can be whomever you want, but I'm "Frank." Or you might know me by my birth name. I'm too tired to ask if you actually know my name, but I'm definitely not male. I am a grown woman who is extremely angry that three years of my blog is missing.

How could this possibly happen? I blame myself due the fact I didn't know what was going on when it came to this blog. This blog has been visited at least 23,000+ times since 2014, so I feel that I owe it to my actual readers(maybe 13,000 Americans with internet access) to be honest about why I have dropped the usual topics of the ES-Says. When I realised that many blogs had been deleted, I assumed I deleted it. I had returned from a hospital stay and was making many snap decisions.

I'd like to thank Tracey from Australia for agreeing to moderate in my absence. I couldn't ask for a better moderator. But, I know she knows I have the final say on Facebook Group content on "Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney 'Fun Club'"

I created a second facebook group, you might want to check it out, it's called "Paul McCartney Fan News London." It took about 20 mins to decided on that name but I have decided what specific content is appropriate to appear in each of these groups. Each group also has a separate Facebook Page and all falls under my made-up company, RA LTD.

Rhodes Abode, Limited was started unofficially in 1999. I taught myself HTML around that time and created my first website at Brooklyn College, using a free web hosting site called "GEOCITIES."(A very popular platform at the time. The website was called "Glamour Tiger Baby Junkie" and was a photo heavy website featuring Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon. I even had time to create two other sites within a couple years- "Duran Fanland" and "Tigger Taylor"(for John Taylor fans).

Yes, I had three Duran Duran related sites running all at the same time. I created subpages and all the other required links to get traffic to my sites. If you type "What Does GTBJ stand for?" on Google. The top website result from "The free dictionary" says "Glamour Tiger Baby Junkie(blog)" So, Rhodes Abode, LTD must have done something right.

"Duran Fanland" was taken down after an unpleasant comment on the site told me to "drop dead." I was about 23 years old when I got cyber bullied and decided to focus more attention on GTBJ Blog (1999-present, third version). For awhile, I was the only website in the world that had successfully cornered the market on every time Nick or Simon farted. It was definitely up-to-date, original, and respected in the fan community. The band, however, allowed myself, through typing letters to their publicist to ask for permission to use and credit photos that I found online. They have not let this publicity person go but she eventually used to just send blank emails that just said either "OK" or "YES." This communication never lead to any official acknowledgement on the main official Duran Duran website links section, but it was created in the first place to have a visual experience to feature my favourite pictures of Nick and Simon.

Tigger Taylor is long gone, simply because I wasn't that into John Taylor, the default fan favourite or the "Paul McCartney" member of Duran Duran during the second American British Invasion. IMHO, stands for IM[A]HO or "In My Humble Opinion," Duran Duran were the most successful early 1980s band simply down to looks and ability to play instruments. They were christened by the press as "The Fab Five" and the other british groups could not be as commercial successful but got grouped into the new wave scene. Duran Duran had healthy competition from Culture Club, Wham!, and The Eurythmics but they had a stronger fan base that insisted on plastering their walls with more photos of Duran Duran than most of the other groups. There are still fans to this day who claim they in fact are the "True Duranies" despite anyone telling them differently.

Due to their embracing MTV as a new way to sell music and blow up the radio station request line throughout the entire 50 states of America. The young audience went ballistic for the five lads from Birmingham. These fans were at an age where their hippie parents on camera, told the public "It's like Beatlemania all over again" It is argued that the Second British Invasion never led to a Third Invasion(Unless you count Blur and Oasis) mostly due to modern day teen sensations being strictly singing sensations. Spice Girls, One Direction, JLS, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, and now in 2019, BTS are not known for any proficiency in playing instruments and are not organic. Many of the hottest groups since Oasis were cherry-picked from reality television or created by management teams. (Speak to the people who are the actual "Milli Vanilli" they will explain the singing trickery better than I can).

Right- So as I consider myself to be a Second-Generation Beatle fan. I decided to start Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney as a blog that would feature reviews, opinions, and other various topics that involved Paul McCartney's career from a fans perspective. Recently, the blow of losing my ES-Says has had me take inventory as to what I want to do going forward.

As a general rule, my website is usually family-friendly to read but we do not talk about children related to Sir Paul under the age of 18. (I've had this policy with all of my blogs due to wanting appropriate content to be a main focus. Same policy goes for not featuring the Paparazzi photos unless the person is aware that they are being photographed*)

HTML and I have parted ways, but I am considering creating other projects in the future.

I hope you will come along with our journey into the unknown. Come Rain or Come Shine, something is definitely "Coming Up."

PS. If anyone can tell NSATPM why "The Paul McCartney" bought shares in the Green Bay Packers this month after being the fourth only big concert event to play in the Football Stadium this month, we would be greatly appreciative...

* If you remember that Paul McCartney flipped the bird to the Paps while on vacation earlier this year, that would be an example of photos allowed to be shown.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

ES-Say #125

"Scrambled" Comedy About McCartney's "Yesterday"

Sky Arts Controversial Series tells a mysterious Beatles story

Urban Myths Series 3, Episode 7, explains the humourous creation of Yesterday and premiered on 22/5/19. The half hour series had been previously blasted publicly for its Michael Jackson episode from another series. This might explain why the "Paul Is Dead" myth wasn't even considered. The creation of this "safe" episode turns out to be decent. It is a bit one note because it assumes that Paul, in November 1963, dreaming up "Yesterday" was an overwhelming problem to the point of annoying anyone he spoke with for at least the month.

The program opens with the actor playing McCartney to look similar, in a side view profile, to Paul in the opening shot when sat at the piano to test out the chords he's dreamt up. However, by the time we realise that he is living with The Asher family, as the character goes to wake up girlfriend, Jane, promising no funny business, the rest of the show goes from intriguing to increasingly boring. How else can we explain how a Beatles mini biopic that has one notible actor, Hugh Dennis, as Jane's father, features no one else with known acting credits, except how to emulate Beatles?  The show even decides Jane's brother and Paul's friend Peter Asher should be uncasted and their little sister has higher priority to be included as "Zelda."(Clare is the actual name of the youngest Asher).

The comedy only seems to come from about three sources- Puns revealing titles of future Beatles compositions, the other three Beatles being sour at Paul, mostly for not living in the same London home as them, and Paul's persistent interest in asking, well, anyone(Including the 15 Beatles Fans at the doorstep of the Asher's), "Have you heard this song before?" It is funny when he calls both Cliff Richard and Mick Jagger to play guitar over the phone, but the rest is bland comedy.

Yes, the actor playing Paul turns out to nail down his early 60s voice but is no way more good looking than the other actors playing John, Ringo, or George(whom is portrayed as a Gigolo...seriously!). It does manage to get John and Paul to have a heartfelt talk about their writing partnership but until this scene happens near the end, most of the characters have already moaned that Paul has, in fact, wrote an original composition. Jane Asher seems the most irritated with Paul's song obsession and he agrees he can enjoy the holiday away she wants after his John chat scene ends.

There is a bit of fact checking to consider in this program but nothing outstanding inaccurate. However, It won't be getting any awards for its England depiction of Beatlemania in 1963(surely a predecessor to the upcoming British Invasion should have been shown their day-to-day schedule of playing in concert or on the road most days.)

It's a 3 out of 5 star review from us. Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney would like to have gotten back that 1\2 hour back in our lives but it was worth reviewing. Visit us on Facebook for updates on the current West Coast leg of the Freshen Up Tour.

Friday, May 17, 2019

ES-Say #124

Egypt Station Explorer's Edition Ate My Homework

Editor's Note- Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney is back after a six month hiatus. It seems that we were either hacked or deleted about 60 blogs, and only our 1st 60 blogs can be accessed. What has happened is not a tragedy but maybe a fresh start. ( Rather, a fresh start for a fresh mouth. ) But, what would you expect us to write about a repackaged 2019 Egypt Station which technically charted for five weeks before dropping off the US and UK charts when released in September of 2018?

This morning, I woke up early and discovered that the Egypt Station Explorer's Edition had been released. I found the album available on Spotify(I have a monthly 9.99 subscription). Now, since the February 2019 announced "Traveller's Edition" has been presumed to be released last week, and it's a £400 investment with payment instalment options, we will not be discussing that ludicrously priced limited edition box set. Instead, I would like to moan about the Explorer's edition because I don't understand what the motivation was for releasing a few B-sides and Live tracks along with the original album. This is a pricing problem and a quality problem. This release is a disappointment due to the physical copies not offering enough bonus material to reflect the sale price.

The album is available in 2-CDs(£21), SHM-CD(Japanese £40+), and three vinyl discs for £74.28(Amazon UK) or £51.99(Paul's UK website store). It's probably wise to not get a physical copy and get a streaming copy from ITunes(£12.99), Google Play(£9.99), or Spotify. There is no video material so it really isn't a major release to go broke for.

CD1- Original September 2018 Egypt Station

CD2- The one that got me so hopped up to wake up the Foot(our blog nemesis who dislikes Paul) and start cursing about animal-testicle high prices.

Fine, I said "Monkey Balls" but that's very immature and flippant, so I'd better explain the content of CD2 with the B-sides and Live material that made me wake a person up.

CD2 is officially called "Egypt Station II" and my review of the songs included in the track listing.

Egypt Station II

1 Get Started- HMV/Target exclusive released with September 2018 physical copies-
2 Nothing For Free- HMV/Target exclusive released with September 2018 physical copies

Two decent B-sides, that are musically stronger that some of the song lyrics. These are catchy tunes.

3. Frank Sinatra's Party
I suggest you listen to Bananarama's Robert De Niro's Waiting instead of this name-dropping, goes nowhere song about a fictional party Paul may have attended.

4 Sixty Second Street- This is another themed or recycled "Come On To Me". Sweet, yes, original, no. I get it he's looking for a hook up but this was already clearly established on "Come On To Me"

5 Who Cares [Full Length]- Longer version of the song with instrumental extension after the 3min mark. This is a good extended version.

6 Get Enough- The Auto-Tuned, dropped early this year single track has now gained automatic advancement to a quality McCartney track as it's not as poor as tracks 3 & 4. Get Enough has a unique sound and beautiful theme that the auto-tune actually is welcomed.

7 Come On To Me [Live At Abbey Road Studios]
8 Fuh You [Live At The Cavern Club]
9 Confidante [Live At LIPA]
10 Who Cares [Live At Grand Central Station]

Tracks 7-10 are mixed to have the audience cheers lower in background during these soundboard recordings to focus strictly on the stage performance.

"Confidante" was the best of these live tracks and presumably rarer to include as LIPA, aka Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, was given less attention when compared to the Spotify promotion of Grand Central Station(should still be easily available to hear the NYC show)

Next week, Paul start his American West Coast May/June tour. This seems as the explorer edition and the recent  Professor Longhair recording CDs could be sold with new merchandise.

Stick to getting a t-shirt and consider a Spotify account. I'd hate to meet the people who shelled out £50-£70 for vinyl. Capitol Records has failed Paul when it comes to repackaging his vinyl releases for Egypt Station. Nothing less than too late and too expensive to push albums for a new 16 date USA tour. The recent South America and UK tours did not have additional music releases on sale. Missed opportunities and low physical copy(mostly vinyl) promotion have back burned Egypt Station.

This is probably the biggest sales problem, pushing vinyl that is not selling at reasonable price points. I would hope the next release is of better material and stays in the charts longer, but ultimately cheaper to physically purchase and stick to better release schedules. (Colour vinyl versions and standard Egypt Station LPs weren't released to HMV when the 2018 version came out)

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney is changing. Try and keep up but we promise to never use "monkey balls" to describe any Paul McCartney album again.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

ES-Say #65 My Temporary Secretary- Switching To Weekend Blogging
                                             Cheer Up! It's Not All That Bad..
Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney, your favourite blog, the one you read religiously, is now forced to update ES-Says on the weekend. (Pause a moment to throw a tantrum...I'll count to ten...)


OK, so your demanding an explanation and I'm prepared to give you a bunch of info. It is simple, I now have switch working from Part-Time to Full-Time so I can continue to spend all my earnings on Paul McCartney! This will surely allow Paul to thank me by performing a private concert in my living room, so I'm really looking forward to throwing more money at him!

But, any gratitude from Paul from my support of income will have to take place between Friday nights and Sunday evenings. I've already mentioned I will have to use the weekend to update this blog. I don't know if Paul is prepared to stop singing "Til There Was You" repeatedly to me, directly playing from my couch, because I need quiet times to write on a Saturday morning. I'm prepared to ask Paul to sing loudly outside my house "Fixing A Hole" during these times to attract a builder. (I've given up waiting for anyone to rebuild the side of my the house that a car drove through...true story)

Paul McCartney will be allowed to return to his normal work schedule on a Monday when I no longer require his serenading services. However, during the week, our Facebook Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney Blog "Fun Club" Group and Twitter feed(as seen on the blog) will be updated when necessary.

I am sad to report that the home collection of various Beatles/McCartney stuff will be neglected! It is assumed that my "Goodnight Tonight" LP 45' collection is going to become pathetic without the constant digging through vendor boxes to find them. I want all the international copies. Heck, I keep saying I'll get a tattoo on my ankle that says "Adios A La Noche" in homage yet I fear chickening out. (Tattoos apparently heck).

To be a fan only on weekends has become tedious already. You try fast forwarding through a three-hour fundraising program from the day before just for some revival skit that Paul is possibly in for 30 seconds. In the olden days, when working part time, I would've seen it live on a Friday night during a day off. Being off on the weekends only now, means that everything has to be condensed into "highlights of the week". It feels like jumping from being "the first to know" to "the last to know." I can't even participate in "Fan Art Friday" feature from

This is going to stink, but I hope you'll stick around for all the weekend drama I hope to write about. Maybe my dream of "Scribe Saturday" can become a reality on

We know I can't draw a all.