Tuesday, March 8, 2016

ES-Say #63 Can't Recognise Ringo? Me Either...
                                                Time to chat about Mr. Conductor....
Recently, The National Enquirer newspaper has decided to publish a story concerning Paul McCartney dealing with a "Alzheimer's Horror". I didn't read the article, because I was too busy reading legitimate press about Paul possibly touring this year. In fact, I thought the headline on the cover said "Can't Remember Ringo" in which I thought was the funniest thing I've seen in months. I thought it would be perfect to blog about how I, myself, can't remember Ringo. Then I found out, I hadn't paid attention and the headline was about NOT recognizing Ringo and it was- "Can't remember words to songs." 

I really don't think it matters if Paul ever forgets the words to a song like "Hey Jude," because everyone at recent McCartney concerts continues to sing this song for at least a hour long during the show. The audience would still attend Paul shows no matter how old or frail he may become. Last time I checked, that day hasn't arrived and Paul, ever the showman, can continue to be the best musician we all enjoy to experience live.

Now, let's talk about Ringo. Firstly, I do not dislike Ringo, but he is my least favourite solo artist. Why? Aside from the fact that I like most of his Beatles output with songs like "Don't Pass Me By" and "Boys," I really have no love for own career. The All Star Band? Sounds good to me. Am I going to get OTT about it? Not likely.

I think I knew Ringo was a Beatle when I was young, as when my little sister was a baby and began watching "Shining Time Station" on Channel 13 WNET(a PBS station). I'm pretty sure the publicity surrounding the program was less about "Thomas The Tank Engine" and more about "Beatle Ringo Starr." Maybe my mother had to sing "Yellow Submarine" to remind me who the guy was but I did realise he did not sound "American". I mean, he had a memorable storytelling voice but was no "Mr Rodgers." I probably lost interest and turned on "Saved By The Bell," while my sister threw a tantrum because I "made Thomas go bye-bye"(even toddlers were less impressed with "Mr Conductor" as Ringo didn't continue long with the program).

While it's impressive that Ringo had a string of solo hits in the early 1970s. I don't own a Ringo Starr solo album and these hits like "It Don't Come Easy" and "Photograph" are pleasant enough, the other three Beatles- John, George, and Paul, have been more meaningful for me to....like them better. Also, radio airplay probably gave me more of a taste with the other solo Beatles. I chose to like Paul best and that's the way it has been. Also, the way things have turned out, I bet one day I might even meet Ringo(Obviously, I don't get to meet Paul, I really can't be bothered to change the name of this blog).

However, I don't think I would start a conversation with "So, you know a talking train!"

We can't fake what we don't remember. I'm sure Ringo will not lose sleep with one less fan of his...

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Distractions...like Butterflies are Bussing round our heads- Is that how the song goes????????

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