Saturday, January 30, 2016

ES-Say #58 Australia Still Loves Paul McCartney. Do Not Be Fooled!

There has been a bit of backlash in the press over the Australia Day message that Paul McCartney released on social media last week. Here's an article written about the brouhaha- The Daily Telegraph. To summarize, some comments on Instagram, were less than favourable due to the the photo used for the message. This photo was a press picture from fourteen years ago, promoting his planned tour of the country that was subsequently cancelled. A number of Australian fans, have since complained that the Australia day message is causing them to, (for a better word)  relive the situation surrounding the cancelation.

A rumor has also developed based on this message that Paul hinted at returning for a tour. His message mentioned "Watch Out For Flying Kangaroos!". This could be a cryptic message. Unless he meant the comment literally, there seems that there could be some truth to a tour.

The fact that the media, in recent times, likes to use social media comments of the public to report the overall feelings of a particular issue seems a bit slanted. Unless there is a mob at the British Embassy protesting this message of good will on Australia Day, I can never understand how a sample of comments lean towards generalised facts. While some public comments have not been favourable, I would like to point out that over 36,000 fans liked this message posted on Facebook. I'm not suggesting that the 36,000 are Australian, but it shows that generally not everyone was up in arms.
It doesn't always seem accurate when news stories are created based on a selection of backtalk, especially when Australian fans have had fourteen years to decide to either hold a grudge due to his 2002 cancelation or not give a Kangaroo either way. Everyone has varied opinions, but they can't always be counted as facts to lead news reports.

I found a facebook group called 20 years since Paul McCartney's last Aussie tour is not fair dinkum . 170 people like this group, which hasn't been updated for three months. I don't know what "dinkum" is but as the population of Australia in 2013 was 23.13 million people, I can't really agree that the situation of Paul not touring Australia is "not fair dinkum."

Publicity, good or bad is always good for musicians because it is an example that people are aware of your "brand". Yet, if a negative news story of Paul McCartney in the future is to be reported it would be more helpful for these stories to be edited with accurate data.

They might want to take it to an impartial vote- Dinkum or No Dinkum...

Speaking of social media, do you know we have a Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney Twitter page(see the widget on this page). Also, you can join our Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney "Fun Club" Group on Facebook. (we have way less that 170 members, but I'm not making the outrageous claim that it's the best Paul McCartney facebook group on the internet. That's for you to decide.)      

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