Monday, January 25, 2016

ES-Say #57 Paul McCartney To Tour, Sometime, This Year...

Same Time Next(or This) Year? Macca Fans Are Waiting For Official Tour Information, not yet forthcoming.

According to a recent Beatles Examiner article , Rolling Stone hinted in a photo caption that Paul would be returning to touring in 2006. Regardless, this isn't new information as official website) is basically telling people to "watch this space." Rumors of countries that will be stops on the not-yet-named new tour(as the three year"Out There" tour has supposedly ended)  have been speculated. The only confirmed date is the Chris Evans charity event in June. The recent David Bowie tribute concert in NYC that was planned rumoured that Paul will attending, but confirmation hasn't materialised.

Are you with me so far? In a nutshell, hasn't updated their website with any new tour information. For myself, this is not a major concern, as frankly, I'm broke. I don't have money saved up that would support flying to a show or enough for a decent view seat. I can wait until this tour news irons itself out, and I think there's no point refreshing websites to get the latest tour news. I can tell you, it won't be a secret. I'm going to get at least a minimum of about 10 emails when anything is announced. So, unless I stop reading my emails daily, I will definitely hear about tour dates.

Do I want to attend a show this year? Most definitely! The only thing I can't stand is quick onsale dates. In other words, a couple days after an announcement, tickets are available for pre-sale. The Foot Bomber(our official blog nemesis) turns into the most angry and possessive Foot, during this time. He will not leave the room or refuse to "give up" the computer about an hour before the nightmare(aka buying concert tickets) starts. Myself, I get tunnel vision and every answer out my mouth is "what time is it?" as all I care about when the box office(or Ticketmaster) opens. You can only imagine how awkward life becomes when one person is taunting the other by repeatedly singing "The Frog Chorus"(The Foot Bomber) and the other, myself, whom strongly dislikes "The Frog Chorus" is yelling "Cut it out! WHAT TIME IS IT!!!"

There is only a sigh of relief and remembering to eat and bathe after securing Paul McCartney tickets. But, I don't feel like skipping meals or showers anytime soon. I would also like some "Peace In The Neighbourhood" with my relationship to The Foot Bomber. Fighting over Paul McCartney is a very silly thing to fight over.

I will try to direct any anger towards Ticketmaster, they do get away with a lot of silly charges!

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