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ES-Say #54 The "I'm only up to chapter 9" book review for "Conversations With McCartney" by Paul Du Noyer(2015)

NSATPM's anti-blog resident "The Foot (photo) Bomber" happily obliged when asked to help with this portrait. 

Please note: Today's blog may repeat a few stories previous told to assist this "review" due to a)being lazy & b) being ill and forgetful before the holidays. 2016 hopes to be a more original year for us so keep your socks on!

Since reading books is not a favorite activity, but a good challenge for me, I continue to attempt to review various McCartney-related ones. I wasn't too keen on buying this Fall's "Conversations With McCartney" by Paul Du Noyer. It seemed that it might be similar to just reading a compilation of old interviews in book format, and for that, I wouldn't spend £25 for the hardcover. However, I was overjoyed to borrow it from the library. I even promised my dear blog readers that I'd get stuck into the book to complete another "Half-Book" review.

Apologies to my "Dear Blog Readers" but I have failed! ("Jeweller, you've failed!"). That's correct, just like Victor Spinelli in "A Hard Day's Night", I am unable to remove Ringo's Rings, but I digress...
My attention span for reading books is similar to a punishment- sit there in a corner and don't move until you've read all 300 pages. It doesn't even matter that the book is about my favorite musician, it still feels like a never-ending commitment. I want to move on to something else, like going for a walk, for example.

But, let's be serious and get to Du Noyer's book. Honestly, it is refreshing and not boring. As selections of past McCartney interviews conducted by Du Noyer, it is woven into the "story of McCartney" rather than edited parts which appeared in magazines. In McCartney's own words, his story becomes more candid and straightforward. I learned a lot, so far. Maybe I'm not really ment to force myself to read it, but I cannot imagine not getting around to buying it. The book is truely not a complicated read, it is a fascinating read. It's just not necessary to read it day in and out to be enjoyable. I'm going to suggest that the book be kept in the bathroom to pass the time.

 Please get your mind out of the gutter, I did not test this "Bathroom Book" theory in the toilet, but in a hospital waiting room. This is an excellent book to pass the time in a forced situation. "The Foot Bomber" was "The Strained Muscle Complainer" that day when I read thirty pages of "conversations" during a two-hour wait. Now, my "dear blog readers" are scoffing "you can only read 30 pages in 2 hours? That's pathetic!". However, previously, I was reading about one, ten-paged chapter a day, to pace myself to finish within a month.

In the waiting room, the well-edited but expansive book helped to block out the screams of crying children and distractions from The Strained Muscle Complainer's multiple complaints of "nobody has been called in to see the doctor!" I was in a zone with this book as Paul discussed the "trials" (yes, a bad pun) of having to sue the other Beatles. Basic math will indicate, I read three chapters that day, which will get me quicker to the end of the book.

Being a month since checking the book out of the library, I'm on my 3rd renewal and still using a torn-out page from the "Press To Play" CD booket as a bookmark. I can't keep staring at Paul's mugshot-styled photo on the cover day-in-and-out on the living room floor, so I flipped it over to the back cover. I do think other people should read this book, but not unless you need a quick McCartney fix as a worthy distraction. Everyone should have this book. Just trust me, and save it for "emergencies". Hours in a holding cell perhaps? Christmas party hell? You're Welcome...
(NSATPM'S rating- 4&1\2 Thumbs Up out of 5, up to chapter 9, not likely to change after 21 more chapters read on a frequent basis)
Happy Holidays To All Our "Dear Blog Readers" even the ones who brag about reading books quickly! Love from MaccaMeri & The Foot(previously the strained muscle complainer!). Feliz Navidad y Bueno Nuevo Ano! 

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