Saturday, December 5, 2015

ES-Say #51 "...So I want to be a Paperback Writer"
"...and I told the man-'Look Mate, my film script DOES have much of a plot..."

For a writer, releasing a book is like competing in a marathon. A great sense of achievement is reached by pushing yourself hard enough to commit to the ultimate finish line of publishing. Personally, I would love to complete a book. I have a vision and even started to write out some content. But, my fear is that I won't get anywhere near completing a book. This idea is based on my experience of voiding biographical writing in favour of second(or third) person writing. Blogging in "Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney", is actually good practice of  the first person writing that might lead to an actual book, but don't hold your breath. This absence of being a novelist doesn't diminish my skills of good writing. I am perfectly content with being a freelance journalism writer, blogger, and three-to-five mile occasional runner.

Paul McCartney and Beatles book authors are in abundance. Reading various kinds of these books are great resources to have as a writer. Weeding out the material that will in no way be personally useful is a necessity. Same rings true within my own collection of books. For example, Mark Lewisohn has famously written several colossal reference books on The Beatles. My attention span and lack of bookcase space limits me to decide on choosing one book-The Complete Beatles Chronicle, 1992. No offence to his expertise but I don't have a lot of patience for his style of all-consuming reading.

There must be some floating insects contained in Chicago's water supply as creative fans are to be found in this city containing the John Handcock building and the frequent Beatle Festival.

One resident, a teacher and author, "In His Own Write"(Thanks, Lennon for the pun..) has a new book for consideration, and it's a diamond in the rough of fan subjected poetry and art.

Beware of Napkins-Poems and Illustrations Inspired By The Beatles
Words by Jack Murphy, Illustrations by  Melanie Jeanne Plank. Pre-order Available at
Image with kind permission of Jack Murphy

Beware of Napkins is able to both celebrate the influence of The Beatles to the public and to the book's creators. It's a shared experience throughout. Some poems homage the members of the band individually("Consider Paul") and a list poem about Yoko are some good samples. It is the episols, drawn and written in letters from Father to Daughter throughout the years with the bonding common interest in George Harrison, that tug at the heartstrings. (NSATPM Book Review Score: Four Out Of Five McCartney Thumbs Up)

Speaking of Paul McCartney poems(ahem), I wrote this one last month for our Facebook Group HERE but will break a rule and subject you, dear reader, to this all-consuming ode of appreciation....and yes, it's ment to be serious...

Ode To Broad Street- By Meredith Evonne
Oh flop movie, I love you so/ Even though you caused McCartney so much woe.
Named after a railroad station/ Which in the end took a permanent vacation.
Since the movie had a horrible plot/A cinematic classic is not what we got.
So badly acted/ The audiences had retracted.
The Beatle stopped his fight/ To promote a film that wasn't quite right.
Decades later the picture became a treat/ In the end it was no defeat.
A musical alights/ with the help of "No More Lonely Nights".
For the flick was an LP video for young men and ladies/All whom grew up with MTV in the 1980s.
Everything that seemed to be wrong/Was actually playing our song.
1 and 2 and 3 and 4/Please Paul don't close the door.
5 and 6 and 7 and 8/I'm telling you it's great!
Please re-release the 'Street' as the tunes cannot be beat!

(As they always say, stick with what your good at and don't threaten to write a debut novel with poems contained like this nugget above)

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