Sunday, March 16, 2014

Es-Say #3- Argentina Te Quiero!

Watching McCartney concerts from the comfort of your home can be a nice experience. I prefer to listen to the audio only of most of the visual media available. I'd like to speak to the camera men and editors from most of the DVDs released in the last twenty years. I buy these videos and I feel that the footage shows the audience happily watching the show just as much as the concert. That could be withstood, but once you jump continuously between the two images for two hours, this editing combination is unbearable. Not for me.

YouTube is a great resource to find my way back to recently filmed concert viewing. It was a pleasure to find this 2010 show from Argentina. It feels like I could have been with the audience enjoying the show. My eyesight feels a little better too and I can recall what Paul was wearing on stage. This pro-shot filmed concert need to be among my collection. If I'm wrong about it being "pro-shot," it's of high quality worthy of the style of filming.

It's not going to be very easy to buy. Even though it was broadcasted, it looks to be a bootleg(or as I say 'Questionable Recording') somewhere floating around. Enlisting the help of uninterested friends hasn't helped this time. (They may have changed their Argentina address...probably not). Good to know YouTube is still in business. (if unable to view above)

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