Tuesday, September 8, 2015

ES-Say #37 I Got Lost On Abbey Road And Broad Street (Part 2- "Abbey Road")
On my way to St. John's Wood after "Broad Street", I considered traveling to Marylebone Station. The opening sequence of  the "A Hard Day's Night" movie was filmed there. But, as it was early afternoon, I thought it might be sensible to go straight to Abbey Road before the tourist attraction got busier. I've been to the area at least a few times, but I hadn't gone there for at least two years. I thought I wouldn't remember which direction to head towards once leaving the tube station. Luckily, I found the zebra crossing right away and filmed myself on my telephone crossing the road and walking up to Abbey Road Studios.
                                                   Well done, Hoodlums! You tell 'em!

                   I stuck my camera through the railings like Ringo leaves his head there(?)

Aside from several people taking photos with the building in the background or stopping in the middle of the crossing, there was no famous people entering or exiting the studio. The huge amount of graffiti on several surround walls are layers deep between some poor attempt to cover it over with paint. I don't remember seeing clever Beatles puns on signs before to deter writing on nearby neighbours walls...
                                         I'm sorry, I should CONTINUE to write on your wall???

I decided to walk from 3 Abbey Road(the studios) to the two white fancy townhouses next door to the right. I thought that during Beatlemania that these homes were used by the Beatles at some point or Paul had lived there with Jane Asher(not true) so I snapped a picture and walked further right down the road.

                                         I'll take the building under construction please!
At this point, I kept walking away from the studios to find out how far down Abbey Road, the actual road, goes. It went on for what felt like five blocks straight passing affluent homes and places of worship before I saw a cafĂ© use "Zebra Crossing" in its name. I took more pictures of street signs but didn't know which wall was on the back of the Abbey Road album cover. I wanted to head towards Regents park, but after a few minutes I realised I had no clue where I was walking as I didn't know I was nowhere near the park. I walked back to the famous Zebra crossing to get the "front album" photo shot.
                                                   The "28 IF" White Beetle car- not found!

 I decided to leave and return to the St John's Wood Station and was directed to where to rent a bike heading towards Regent's Park. I peddled down a main road which lead into the park and I started to follow other cyclists around the outskirts of the park that I could not enter directly by bike. I wanted to go to Baker Street and after about ten minutes, I actually recognised the exit I needed to find the area. I decided to go to the London Beatles Store with the idea to not spend too much money at the tourist spot.

I've already explained my reservations about "New" Beatles goods(ES-Say #29), so I started to twitch a bit in the shop at some of the prices and items. I decided to get three post card and a button after a half hour of indecision.

   I got the Abbey Road postcard as a reminder of the day, and the rest of the items as "it's ok if I damage these things 'cause it's new goods and I hate new goods" mementos.

The day was "gear fab" and I decided to plan the trip to Marylebon for "another day"(not intended as pun, seriously!)

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