Friday, February 19, 2016

ES-Say #61 How VIP Do We Gotta Get To Save My Beatles Collection?
NSATPM'S Beatles\McCartney Vinyl & CD Collection (well, some of it...)

Look, I am well aware that Paul McCartney acted like, well Paul McCartney, when denied access to a Grammy's party. Yet, I really didn't give a toss because I had a huge emergency to deal with. That's right, I was also denied access to a seemingly effortless place to get into-My own home. 

If I learned anything this week, is that even people who are a shoo-ins to gain entry to places, meaning they have every right to be somewhere, might not be 100% allowed to stay inside. 
McCartney dealt with a bouncer, I dealt with the Police. McCartney wasn't allowed to party, I wasn't allowed to sleep in my own bed. (I think your getting the hint, I had a huge problem as I was evacuated due to fears of building collapse). 

Not once, in the four and a half days of being displaced and blocked off from entering my home did I wonder "Hmm, I should have fled with my brand-new T-shirt from!" Mostly my frustrations started with only having the clothes on my back, no medicines, and possibly 30 dead tropical fish. Who or what the hell is "TYGA"?

As I had access to our NSATPM's Facebook "Fun Club" , I was able to inform others about Paul's social misfortune. I posted this picture first in our hugely popular(yeah, right) club.

Tuesday's Daily Mail(above)which was kindly placed in my lap that day. (didn't save it)

And so, to distract myself from insurance company promises of maybe coming to assess my home for safety & hatching future plans to break into my own house to save Slappy The Catfish, I thought about Paul McCartney for five minutes. "Oh, yes, I've left behind valuable Beatles collectibles of which I have been hoarding for twenty years-crumbs!"

To be honest, about the news reporting about McCartney giving some light jokey retort to a bouncer is amusing, because you can replay the action of the incident by imaging Paul's voice. The fact that Paul has such a well-recognised Beatlely(Ed Note: made up word alert!) voice, it's amazing that "TYGA" wasn't send dead fish wrapped in newspaper..oh wait...

Surprise! All my tropical fish are alive(including Paul Ramon and Slappy). But now that I'm no longer faced with homelessness(a real word), I can get back to worrying about the fate of my entire Beatles collectibles and Paul McCartney's latest laugh riot of the week-"I'M PAUL MCCARTNEY, BIOTCH!" he must of thought....

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