Thursday, April 23, 2015

ES-Say #23 "Goodnight Tonight" collection update

 As a reminder(or something I may not have mentioned before), this blog has somewhat of an unhealthy interest in the hit Wings 1979 single "Goodnight Tonight". Why? Several reasons but mostly I got hooked on trying to collect the vinyl based on the awesome photo session for the 12" Version. This is the picture that stood out among other Wings photo sessions I had previously seen-
 I first saw this photo about 20 years ago. In 2015, I think what I remember was the most memorable was nothing to really do with the 1930s theme, but rather that Paul convincingly looks asleep and Linda adds a bit of colour to the expression. As far as I'm aware, this is the only Wings(or McCartney) song to have marketed a "Disco Single". I never bought the pink labelled disco version but I used to literally "visit" a copy at least once in awhile for a couple of years in the 1990s. Vinyl Geeks United!!!!!!!

The rest of Wings seem to ruin the photo with doubtful glares, yet have a bookend effect if I'm being honest so airbrushing them away would be tragic. The rest of the photo session is nice to see, yet I will always be a fan of this artistic cover.

We got a song that is catchy and chart topping with McCartney forever praising the B-Side, Daytime Nightime Suffering. Look, I like the B-side but I just don't understand why Goodnight Tonight(the released hit) gets so much average attention. For example, It has been added to "All The Best" and "Wingspan" greatest hits CDs but the 1993 Holland CD version of "Back To The Egg" stuck "Daytime Nightime Suffering" and not the "A-side"(Goodnight Tonight). What is to be concluded when a promoted and successful Top 10 A-single in 1979 gets ignored for the B-side in more modern times? I really could guess at this point but I'm no McCartney expert and I'm just average fan...and I'm not "saying it" or "Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney" (Note: Shameless Plug of this website/ "Goodnight Tonight" pun alert).

Now moving on to Collecting. I really don't collect much of the 12" version as I quickly found out the photo cover I like doesn't vary much. However, the alternative 45"picture sleeve I find a bit boring as it did not continue the 1930s theme(there is one 45" version of the 12" picture I think). It just has the band in normal 70s clothes hamming it up for a tightly squeezed together picture. What does make it special is the additional designs of titles and styles. The Spain version is issued as "Adios a La Noche" and the Argentina version "Buenas Noches Esta Noche". For another example, this is what the Portuguese version looks like.


I love peace! Peace is great, yet various covers of this with different styles of "Wings" can be considered a peaceful expression(and maybe finally spotting the full pattern of the musical note rug) as much as the peace sign. I don't really understand the last line I just wrote but this I do know- I started with the French 45" and didn't look back. My Paul McCartney 45" collection is rather funny now. It's like "One copy of 'Say Say Say'" "One copy of 'Take It Away'" "Fifteen Copies of Goodnight Tonight".

You get the picture and I probably only have 11 copies, but here's the old video of some of them
I now a few more copies since this was made and my French copy was "unavailable" at the time. I'm trying to get the Japan, Peru, Argentina, Ireland, Canada, USA, Australian versions but can enjoy the Portugal and Poland versions I recently got.

This song is nearly as old as me and I do remember a bit that it was played on the radio in the 80s. It's probably not my favourite Wings song (depending what day it is) but it is 100% my favourite Wings record.

The actual Goodnight Tonight Blog Update was the above Portugal has been added to the so-far-unnamed McCartney-record-collection-in-my-house(should I call it that?).

I have yet to consider a Goodnight Tonight this space...

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