Thursday, August 14, 2014

Es-say #19 All this remaster veggie bologna and cheese
Guess what? Well, you can't, so I'll tell you. I am highly annoyed about the upcoming September re-releases of Venus and Mars, and Wings At The Speed Of Sound. I am stomping my left foot. I am stomping my right foot (I am referencing Help! to just make my anger even more silly).
 Yes, this is not world politics or anything of great importance. However, this is what my blog deals with often if you haven't read enough of it- My complaining about how dear sweet Sir Paul McCartney has gone and done something that has affected me personally in some way. I also value many things that McCartney has brought into my life- Music, Vegetarianism, Peace, Joy, etc. Today, I have to get this CD-re-release-mega-expensive-and-wino-junk-stuff-I-don't-want.

Firstly, I love the now defunct 1993 Holland releases of his albums (see an example above). But, I have the 1987 CD version of Venus and Mars. I'd like to spend my money on all the 1993 albums. Thanks to all the new releases(which seem to have an odd release date pattern), it will cost me more money to track down and purchase the ones I want. I can't really complain about At The Speed Of Sound being available as I don't own it, but I'm not impressed with an expanded version costing as much as a budget hotel room rate. A bit of math for you. I will save enough money not buying any of these re-releases box sets to go buy a decent McCartney ticket whenever the moment arrives. It's easily over 150 USD on two albums that are available in other formats(like uploaded online to popular free websites, for example).

The box sets show all this physical material that really doesn't interest me as a collector. I don't want reprints of original posters, lyrics, stickers....I just want the three CDs. How much can you take off the price for that? I remember when Wingsspan came out on CD. I got the 2 CDs, a Wings Necklace, and Mini Poster from Virgin Mega Store for like £15.99 tops. I taped the TV special on video and that was the end of it. I'm sure there were more Wingsspan tie-ins but I honestly, hand over heart, remember telling someone "Wow, that CD set was a good price!" The CDs track selections were impressive and I remembered that the most. I'm not trying to knock any of the studio albums at all, but with a double disc available with these new re-releases eliminating the DVD on the higher priced box sets, I do feel I'm getting less of what I should be.

Maybe in a few years, i'll buy them, but definitely not right away. This is the most interesting thing about collecting. Getting good deals when the iron isn't hot. It just doesn't make me too happy when the iron is scalding and I'm not getting burnt financially...wait, that's a good thing...

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