Sunday, May 27, 2018

ES-Say #115

Dear Thrillington- It Won't Be Half As Good As Ram.

There comes a time in everyone's life when they buy an album and are truly blown-away by how terrible it is. When you think, "hey, I could have done better!" despite the fact you have zero experience working in the recording industry. 

I'm here to tell you, that Paul McCartney has an extraordinary musical talent. I'm also here to tell you, that even the best in the business have released music that should have stayed unreleased. (Or never recorded in the first place).

Why the lenghty intro just to start trashing, Thrillington(1977,) album that has a memorable incognito promotion of Paul McCartney? Well, Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney really really didn't appreciate this re-issue of the instrumental re-imaging of Ram(1971). It has finally been made available on Vinyl since it's first pressings in 1977, but not rare to find on CD. To be honest, the album wasn't something I looked to find before and I had just believed that it was just another orchestral album from Paul's back catalogues. I have listened to other instrumental albums that have been issued under Paul's name. I even think it would be a great idea to have Capitol records re-issue a McCartney classical collection on CD with titles such as Standing Stone or Liverpool Oratorio.

Back cover of Record Collector magazine(June 2018) advertising the McCartney 2018 editions

I don't think it was a great idea to release a vanilla copy of Thrillington along with separate titles of Wings Greatest Hits, New, and Chaos and Creation In The Backyard on May 18th. When I pre-ordered two of the titles from Amazon(Thrillington and Chaos), it was for necessity at the time. (I had lost my copy of Chaos and had never listened to Thrillington before). My anticipation for listening these two albums increased when Amazon delivered both CDs to me a day late on the 19th.

As soon as I got the Thrillington CD, I ripped open the plastic and immediately stuck it into the CD player and then when the play button was pressed my eyes slowly began popping out of my head and I needed to sit down as I realised I was listening to what can be best described as both "Muzak" and "Schmaltzy." At times, It sounded like intros played on an Awards show, and even though it was probably a good decision to release the album six years after being recorded by 1977 during the height of disco, this isn't even something to "get down" with.

At best, this album serves one purpose- To remind you how great the Ram album is. If you had any doubts about the Ram released "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" medley, The Thrillington over-the-top "Muppet Show" interpretation of Admiral Halsey is enough reason to enjoy the arrangement of the original. (I can't even bring myself to discuss why I cringed during other Thrillington interpretations).

The pacing of "Ram" is even more enjoyable and beloved when compared to Thrillington. If you removed all the vocal tracks from Ram, it would still be better than Paul acting incognito as the Producer of Thrillington. Off-hand, I can't even think of another McCartney solo project that emotes such an refusal to accept as an official release. This makes me extremely happy because anytime anyone brings up question about the merits of Wings albums like "Wild Life" or "Back To The Egg," I'm going to say "at least, it's not Thrillington!"

BTW-On a more positive note, I loved listening to the matureness of Chaos and Creation In The Back Yard more than ever and surprised that I forgot how good the album is. It's something I'd be happy to pick up on vinyl.

My Generation Limited Edition DVD/Blu-Ray

Another new release I ordered last week has arrived two days early(I don't understand what is going on over at Amazon UK these days). My Generation, the Michael Caine narrated documentary about the London Youth movement in the 1960's. I was hoping that the limited edition version would contain some bonus material of some more of the 1,500+ hours of footage used to make this film that is unable to hit the 90-minute mark, running at only 86 minutes long on Blu-Ray. Where is the on-camera recording done of Paul McCartney, whom is heard as a voiced-over interviewee during the movie?  A missed opportunity had occurred with this film due to it's too-short theatrical run-time and not to have included any Bonus material to boost the limited edition version, is simply lazy effort for a film that was in the works for six years. The limited edition version gets it's name for packaging only(see above)

 The postcard set in the Limited Edition contains a promotional postcard of Paul.

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney had previous discussed the screening of the film(on camera) with photos from the Carnaby Street gallery showing promoting the film release, at our daily news Facebook "Fun Club" group. See our links for further information.



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  1. The Thrillington CD is actualy fairly rare... copies go for $100-$200 a piece. It's why the reissue is great, for those of us that didn't buy it back in 1990 (not me, I did).