Saturday, April 28, 2018

ES-Say #112

The Upcoming Nervous Return To The Beatles 1Day Event
This image is how I imagine what I will be doing in Twickenham next sunday- desperately trying to sell stuff to cover my petrol(gas) bill.

Greetings blog readers! I'll start by advertising that I have now taken the attitude that "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". Please see ES-Say #91 The 1Day I Go to see my original opinion which still stands. What has changed is that I decided to include myself as part of the merchandise sellers, to offer the UK Beatles 1Day event a bit more variety. (I guess what I'm trying to say is I want the chance to see if my attempt to get publicity for myself will be a wellcomed and I will have reason to return.)

I have purchased a table and I roped our blog nemesis, The Foot, into driving me to the pub where the event will be taking place all afternoon and evening. I'm getting a bit flustered right now as I am working out the details of what I'll be bringing. I need to calm the @#£ down because I'm sure my fear of not selling anything including myself(in other words, publicity for the blog) is all in my mind. However, I'm trying to cover all possible angles so my appearance is not the most embarrassing thing I ever planned.

The fact is I want to boost our UK readership. Simple enough. I've also considered that touting just my business card is ineffective. I've been getting together some merchandise to sell and then I figure it will pull people in. If they buy my stuff and don't take a business card, at least I will have cash to give The Foot for both transportation, and pain and suffering. ("You didn't tell me that Beatles tribute bands will be there..I don't like The Beatles...I might drop you off and come back.." barked The Foot on my voicemail last week. I've sincerely assured him that we will leave before the bands show up and nobody is going to force him to talk about the Frog chourus all day).

Truth be told, I will leave earlier than intended if I feel uncomfortable. I don't even feel like competition for other sellers. I made sure that my table will offer something that the other tables might not have(I'm selling books and magazines but not anything I could've gotten from another record show). However, I am reminded that I could do better than crashing and burning("Another Paul McCartney blog?!? You must be kidding!") based on my retail sales experience. I'm actually quite skilled in promotion and selling, but then again I remember what happened the first time I attempted the "folding table and chachi sales" at age six. (At the time, I leaned across my table to reach a customer at a school bake sale and got burned with a cigarette.. Thankfully, you can't smoke indoors on Sunday and I won't have flashbacks of screaming crying with a sore hand and not being allowed to continue making huge money of .20¢..Oh, the horror!).

So, in the next week, I will be getting everything ready and hoping for positive results. The worst thing that will happen is that Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney will get a bad rap. That's ok, I'm still going to a Beatles Convention and that's good enough for me.

But, for the love of Wings, as a band, and not just a solo project for Paul(don't ask, it's a current discussion on Facebook), please take a business card if you're in attendance. Thank you!

The Beatles 1Day-May 6th 2018

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