Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ES-Say #109

Liverpool Adventures-Our Sweet George On His 75th Birthday (Part 2)
The front of the tour bus for George Harrison Day

In ES-Say #108, I mentioned how I had come to Liverpool to learn more about George Harrison. He is known to have two birthdays and because I'm lazy I can't really remember why both the 24th AND 25th of February 1943, are said to be when his birthday is celebrated.

On the 24th of February, this past Saturday, I had at least 8+ hours to find out when George's actual birthday was and I didn't think to ask. It was a memorable day out on tour of the city of Liverpool and the surrounding areas. I thought about how I could explain my tour experience best and what I thought to do was list the majority of location Stops along the way, where I learned more information about George's birthplace. We also did fun location photo challenges to recreate famous George Harrison pictures. I got to pose as Peter Harrison, George's older brother, at the wall outside 12 Arnold Grove. (It was a bit of a stretch pretending to be a young boy in the 1940s but I think I did a suitable representation as a grown woman.)
I bought this bracelet at one of my favourite places- The Penny Lane Development Trust 

BUS STOPS(not necessarily 100% everywhere, but the places I jotted down. Some other locations were seen from the bus)

Stop 1-The Pier Head Beatle Statues, to place a Flower on the Lapel of George & Photo Challenge.

Stop 2-A Case History and The Liverpool Institute. Brand new plaque was placed on the area of a stone suitcase sculpture which was missing the formerly designated plaque for George. It was a moving moment that became short-lived because the new plaque containing an engraving of George's signature got stolen by the evening.

Stop 3- Sefton Park, Palm House. No less than five photo challenges were done including Tulip homages to Mad Day Out railing London photo and the LP cover of All Things Must Pass(long-haired wig and garden gnomes provided).
The Palm House  in Sefton Park had good railings to stand next to for a Mad Day Out pose

Stop 4- Dovedale School

Stop 5- Penny Lane Development Trust. We met Drummer Colin Hanton of The Quarrymen.

Stop 6- 12 Arnold Grove, Birthplace of George Harrison, Private Residence. My photo challenge of the childhood picture.

Stop 7- Vegetarian Curry Lunch-Yay!, Pub at Childwall Abbey Road, Three Cool Cats photo challenge(if I'm not mistaken)
Stop 8- 25 Upton Green, Speke, Childhood Home from 1949, Private Residence, We had a sing-a-long and a cake was cut...I can say no more...

Stop 9-Hunt's Cross Butcher Shop, a place where George worked briefly

Stop 10- I have no idea because I have it down for "Entering Speke" which makes no sense(see stop 8).
A Night View of West Derby Community Association at Lowlands(It's huge, lovely and a bit spooky!)
Stop 11- We went to Lowlands on a Private Tour to see the former Pillar Club. I absolutely loved it!  Unless you want to have a wedding there, it is not something you can easily book. We learned that The Beatles played and practiced there, being a one of the venues that was a favourite of George's. (In fact, there are many places that hosted The Beatles besides The Cavern Club or The Casbah Club, but these two well-known spots are the easiest to visit).

Stop 12-back to the city of Liverpool, The End

The End

Well, this ES-Say has flew by, and Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney would like to remind you that we will come up with ES-Say #110 all about Sunday 25th February. 2018..eventually..(I swear to mention more about Paul in it.)

Stay Tuned for why I didn't go to Manchester, Tales from my first visit to the Cavern Club, Spot The Paul, and find out why I bought an old George Harrison CD and left part of it in Liverpool*  

Don't forget to check out part one ES-Say #108

*I still don't own a complete George Harrison LP for some reason





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