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ES-Say #107

Come and Get it! Hollywood Vampires UK 2018 Tour Announcement
Paul McCartney during his Vampy collaboration with Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry

It was sometime back in late 2015, that a side project rock album by an all-star band put out their self-titled Hollywood Vampires album. I seem to vaguely remember being interested because I heard that Paul would be contributing to the project, but was not going to be one of the main artists to play on the majority of the songs. (There were other guest artists such as Paul, like Dave Grohl, for example.) The band was put together by actor Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Aerosmith's Joe Perry. It is also important to note that the Hollywood Vampires originally wasn't a musical act, but a 1970s "Celebrity Drinking Club"(?!) formed in Los Angeles by Cooper. John Lennon was a notable member along with Ringo Starr and Keith Moon. (Basically, see Wikipedia page where I got the information from for further details).
Classic Rock Magazine November 2015 found somewhere in NSATPM's archives

The Vampires album features a bunch of classic rock song covers, but I'm going to pick out Badfinger's Come and Get it, written by Paul McCartney, which was newly recorded by Paul for the project. Previous, Paul sung live in 2011 from Italy, for example. The 2011 live version has Paul playing the tune out on the piano. The 2015 recording does features Paul singing, providing piano and bass, however, I can only describe this version as "heavier rock." I happen to like it stripped back a bit with emphasis on the piano playing ala Beatles Anthology 3 version, but the recorded 2015 version is enjoyable.

After some live appearances between 2015 and 2016(mostly on the US West Coast and a date in Brazil) from the Hollywood Vampires, no new dates had been announced until recently. Here is what I saved from The Evening Standard, The Metro, and Sunday Mail about the upcoming UK Tour.
There was supposed to be a presale on February 8th, but I had not been able to find any links to a presale and waited until the next day, the 9th, for the General Sale. I decided to buy a ticket for the London date because I'm gambling on the slight chance that one of the additional special guests could maybe be...uh, Dave not him..Paul McCartney!

But, let's get catapulted back to reality despite my 1/12 prediction it could happen among the four UK dates. Best to discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of spending about $100 to attend this show.

Advantages: Paul McCartney WILL show up as a special guest, probably for the encores.
That will be the most obviously fulfilling advantage. Everything else is a rather minor positive despite getting a ticket in the first place and seeing Alice Cooper perform can be included.

Welcome To My needs to be numbered
1. Johnny Depp- he has a job as Captain Jack Sparrow. Continue to do acting! or just show up in another Paul McCartney video. Whatever happens first.

2. No offence to Joe Perry, but I can't usually picture him without Steven Tyler. Where is Steven Tyler? At least, he would keep me awake singing "Rag Doll" or any number of the vocals required in an Aerosmith song. Don't tell me Johnny Depp is going to sing.

3. The Damned and The Darkness. This is a hit or miss situation. Punk band The Damned had about a dozen members who are no longer members. from who's left, I only know who Captain Sensible is and I think the chance to hear his solo 80s hit "Wot" is about as strong as Paul McCartney attending the gig. The Darkness have a couple of hits, including a Christmas Song but all I can remember is the lead singer has a high-pitched falsetto which was their appeal back around 2005. I'm thinking of bringing a book or catching a nap until the "main act" is on.

4. Paul McCartney decides to show up to a different date, like Glasgow for example. I will tear my hair out for having the assumption he would do the London date. Or Paul doesn't show up for any of the shows. It would be much better to stop with all the promotion on the flyers that now say they will perform Beatle songs as well as other classic bands hits. If a "Beatle" is technically apart of the project please don't cover a Beatles song without him. In summery, this disadvantage was "No Paul"

5. Wembley Arena, where this show takes place on June 20th, is not one of my favourite venues because aside from it not being Wembley Stadium, it is a big trip to travel to by rail and then it's anyone's guess if I can get back at a decent hour when your banking on the encore to have a McCartney, at this point any McCartney, full well knowing the evening will become "Beat The Clock." No offense to Transport For London but sometimes the fun of taking several buses after midnight is not fun at all when the train could have been running.

6. Let's end it here with having another separate gig to attend with our blog's nemesis "The Foot" on the day before. Predictably, he didn't want to see Hollywood Vampires the next night. He likes The Damned more than I do, but because he didn't know who the Hollywood Vampires were, and of course I tried to sweeten the deal by mentioning who the main acts were, I'm pretty sure I heard a loud "NO" before I finished saying "Alice Cooper."

Imagine what would happen if I said "Johnny Depp"

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