Sunday, November 12, 2017

ES-Say #103

Keep Under Cover-NSATPM's "Secret Blog"

Oh Dear! What Are We Hiding?!? Read on...QUIETLY!

The Brief-If you are a regular visitor to the blog, well done! You have been rewarded with a special ES-Say of Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney! So, sit back with the knowledge that this blog will only be advertised on our Twitter Page and Facebook Group. Maybe only 60 people, including you, knows that ES-Say #104 will be next and all those billions of casual visitors will think we stopped after #102! (I'm going to ask to you share our average blog about "The Paul McCartney" with your friends on social media but you don't have to direct them to ES-Say #103.)

The News- November 2017: Paul McCartney is currently(as of yesterday) still staying home in England and has been spotted in London. You may have heard that he showed up at Steven Van Zandt's Roundhouse show for a duet of "I Saw Her Standing There." This led us to confirm that the public photos from the official(and under-the-radar) launch event of Meat Free Monday's new documentary, took place in London(prior to McCartney's surprise appearance with Van Zandt.) 

On November 11th, NSATPM also accidentally came across The Daily Mail Story About Paul's Hair published online. Now, we had the print edition at home and only saw the article about how "Knickers The Dog" became "Martha, My Dear"* The story about Paul walking past a bin, seemed to get cut from the paper. All I know, is that nobody stopped the presses for the physical copy released on Saturday.

               You're Fooling No One Mate!!!! Even That Bin Wouldn't Wear Sunglasses In November!

The Daily Mail article tries to make the story about thinning hair despite the fact that this is no bombshell information for a 75-year-old person. They are at least 20 years too late to make this a notable story. They couldn't just say "We Got Paul McCartney taking a stroll in London!" so regardless of his hair follicles, it was nice to read the rest of the story about his current world tour.

Hidden Video Documents- For those of you who remember 1993, it will be no shock to you that Paul McCartney, and his slightly greying hair, was a guest star on SNL's Chris Farley Skit. Unfortunately, the full clip has rarely been seen outside the USA in years because NBC has a stranglehold on its rights. Long story short, We* found the full clip on You Tube, which had been uploaded October 2017. Take a look before it probably gets taken down from YouTube In The UK. 
The 1993 appearance of Paul McCartney on Saturday Night Live promoting his album "Off The Ground" is a dear memory for NSATPM because as a teenager in NYC, We did record the episode on VHS and watched it a lot before our Cat, Rocky Raccoon, destroyed it(or a DVD player was bought and the tape got lost). 20+ Years is a long time to have to wait to watch a non-grainy copy of this classic and be informed about the state of Paul's hair in modern times.(GET OVER IT, DAILY MAIL! He Used To Be Greying!)  


George Harrison! We're looking forward to celebrating in memory of George Harrison's 75th Birthday. So, that means we're going back to Liverpool in February! FYI, GEORGE HARRISON WAS NOT THE WALRUS** so it's hush hush to talk about him in great detail as a solo artist here at Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney, since this isn't a Quiet Beatle blog*.

Not so top secret- Liverpool Beatle Guide, Jackie Spencer, is planning a Birthday Celebration Bus Tour for George. For More Information Click Here: George Harrison Day

We're going to wear a George Harrison shirt(most of) the time that weekend and attempt to learn more about the "I got my mind set on you" hitmaker. It's going to be difficult to switch gears*** but rest assured, "The Paul McCartney" is always on our mind.

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney would like to thank you for your interest in this blog. Quietly, tell a friend ES-Say #104 is coming soon!

*Daily Mail 11/11/17 "In Macca's arm's, pup he loved so much he wrote a hit about her" pg 11.
** The Walrus Was Paul
*** Gear Fab!

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