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ES-Say #100

No Sunday Rain Today-McCartney Not On Tap For Promoting His Guest Recordings

September 15th, 2017 Paul McCartney appears on New Ringo Starr And Foo Fighters Releases

Let's get one thing straight- I Love Paul McCartney! I don't think I need to explain this, but when I type on my blog about Paul McCartney, I'm not always making positive comments and observations about his career. That doesn't mean I'm against McCartney as a solo artist, or a Beatle. I'm only against pretending to like every single thing he has to offer to his fans, whether it be a song or a fashion statement, or even the manner of his self-promotion. In fact, I will champion any argument in favour of Give My Regards To Broad Street(The 1984 film, widely considered to be a Turkey), His 1970's creation of Wings, and commitment to Vegetarianism. I just can't get enough of 1980s-1990s Paul McCartney releases. So before, we begin my slaughter(sorry, bad choice), I mean pounding, of two new McCartney-related music offerings, please don't mistake the review as damaging to McCartney's image. It's only a review, folks, as usual, I'm not saying anything to Paul McCartney....

Ringo...RINGO!, and Dave Grohl- Both good friends with Paul McCartney. Not surprising at all that Paul would willingly go and record with each of them. In fact, all summer we have heard snippets and read articles, all about what he contributed to both artists new albums. Coincidently, both were released on the same day(this past Friday). I decided to download two of the songs in which Paul appears- Sunday Rain(Paul on Drums, Foo Fighters) and We're On The Road Again(Paul on Bass and Backing Vocals*).

First let's talk about We're On The Road Again from Ringo's Give More Love CD. It's produced to be a single(which I believe it actually is) and formulated to sound like an instant hit song, in that Ringo way, in which he sings these matter-of-fact type lyrics("...headed for the studio to finish this track.."). I don't actually own any Ringo Starr solo song, but this isn't "It Don't Come Easy" this new song is like a cross-between "It Don't Come Easy," Paul's "New"(title track from "New" 2013), and whatever a comedy impression of Ringo Starr would sound like with Paul chiming in("haaaaaaaaaaaaah" offering in the song was not missed or appreciated because it was equally formulated like Ringo's phoned in lyrics throughout).

One could argue New(single 2013) has more merit as a song, but is the only miss-step in an otherwise fresh and dynamic Paul album. I've listened to the New(single) with such reluctance over the years because it felt like a safe song for McCartney to release- no chance to not be a single, yet effortlessly presented without much care. Unless, I get a copy of "Give More Love" for free, I'm not going to buy four copies of it like I did for New(album, 2013). If Paul can't save Ringo's album, no one can. And, no, I don't feel like going into Ringo even more, but I'm not convinced he should be continuing to put out albums, just for the hell of it.

Music Promotion is in a brand new age. The old promotion tricks of getting an album sold in stores from a radio single has moved on. Your bound to buy a new album in 2017 because a) You heard it in a Christmas commercial for sweaters, or b) It's free in your local newspaper. Most new music has to have a catch or gimmick now for you to notice it's available. Record companies have to try new trends to get sales for established artists new offerings. That's why RCA records has taken this UK route of a POP-UP shop(In this case, an artist themed-Pub), for the Foo Fighters new album "Concrete And Gold."

          Which gets your attention- a sign at HMV or an entire Pub. Choose Now(One serves Hard Alcohol-I'll give you a minute)

Sure, The Fighters Of Foo, are a great band. Our Blog Nemesis, The Foot, is a big fan. Myself, I like the greatest hits, and I like Grohl as an ex-member of Nirvana. So, even if The Foot has accused me of now just liking The Foo Fighters, because Paul McCartney has appeared as the drummer on their new song, Sunday Rain, he would be sorely mistaken. I like The Foo Fighters and they have teamed up a second or third time for a McCartney-billed recording. This time around Sunday Rain, isn't bad at all with McCartney drumming on it. What is bad, is that I spent my Sunday morning pretending to love The Foo Fighters to buy exclusive merchandise in Bethnal Green. Not a McCartney mention at all, just a bunch of looping queues to get into The Foo Fighters Arms. Where did my £60 go-
                       Some of what was left to purchase at the converted The Dundee Arms

I felt like the purpose in buying related Concrete and Gold merchandise was worth it as to have something from an album that McCartney was a part of. However, all the promotion in print and online has seemed to feature McCartney as the after thought. It doesn't seem likely that Paul had a huge hand to give his promotional push over to The Foos despite the connection of appearing on the album. Here's a big example of that lack of input(YouTube Video Below). Dave Grohl is only give the opportunity to name drop Paul it seems. (At least Ringo got a picture with Paul)
On Sunday Rain, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb with Ringo, Paul takes the task of drumming with more modesty. The singer isn't even Grohl, but surprise surprise, their own Foo Drummer, Taylor Hawkins. But, even though Paul didn't even seem to be in the same room to record for this, the improvised licks fit like a glove(do we even call drum beats licks? No idea). I'm proud of Paul here, but he's disposed to promote it for good reason..a little matter of a USA Tour...

....but that doesn't mean he shouldn't actually be promoting it...

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*he also plays Bass on track 3 of Give More Love.

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