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ES-Say #97

A Ketchup With "Paul Or Nothing" Podcast

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney had the opportunity to ask some questions to Sam Whiles, Creator of the "Paul or Nothing" Podcast. On the show, Whiles offers some knowledgeable insight into McCartney's music catalogue as a 1970s solo artist and beyond, along with some special guests to weigh in about Paul's post-Beatle career.  Whiles was a good sport to tackle our burning questions, so let's get on with the interview!

Meredith Evonne, NSATPM Blog: How has your podcast developed since starting back in November of 2016? Has it met your expectations?

Sam Whiles, Paul or Nothing Podcast: Wow, November 2016! Has it been that long? The podcast was previously on another podcast hosting site, so it must be even older than that. In terms of success, growth, and branding (and all those other horrid buzzwords), I guess I am very pleased that I have any listeners at all. Paul may technically be more popular than ever, but in terms of people I meet, it may as well be the dreaded 1980's in terms of being a fan.

The Podcast has yet to hit 10,000 downloads, but our fan base is a wonderfully vibrant bunch, who teach me more than I probably teach them! After the success of my Tom Waits Podcast, Down in the Hole, which was considerably bigger, I never expected anything really, so all of this is a plus.

NSATPM: How do you prepare to discuss your McCartney album and songs analysis prior to a recording an episode of the podcast?

Whiles: The preparation process for each episode varies. The general gist of it, is at least two months of soaking in the album. The show is just as much a journey for me as it is for the audience, so I need to get my hands dirty with each release as opposed to just listening to it once or twice.

I then write long hand the entire script for that episode, which can easily go over 30 pages. This is mostly done due to a pretty noticeable stutter (that I am far too self-conscious about). However, I am experimenting with a looser format for a much quicker turn around. Don't even get me started on the editing process...

NSATPM: I heard you talk about 'Monkberry Moon Delight'. Is this your favourite McCartney song? I got that impression...
Whiles: Early on, I did commit to ‘Monkberry Moon Delight’ as it was my favourite McCartney track before I started the podcast. It's always tricky to be faithful to a particular song, and truthfully, I have been tempted by many other sultry tracks. For example, the charms of ‘Goodnight Tonight’ have recently been worming their way into my ear. Similar to my favourite album, the choice varies with how I'm feeling and what I'm listening to. Though it will always be in my top 5. "SO I SAT IN THE ATTIC...."
         There's a lot of love for this Wings single at NSATPM, but you've heard it all before!

NSATPM: The several bonus episodes are an interesting feature, as you got to interview a few popular McCartney book authors and former Wings Guitarist Laurence Juber. Was it easy to book your guests or were they hard to contact at first? Who else would you want to interview? 
Whiles: Every guest who I have had on the show, has been surprisingly cordial and easy to book. Juber, in particular, was a gentleman who acquiesced to several rescheduling of his interview. Normally, all it takes is a well-written email, some flattery, and the confidence to pretend that the show has a lot more listeners than it really does. In terms of future guests, the current Holy Grail's are: Denny Seiwell (Wings first drummer), Denny Laine (Wings lead guitarist), and Mark Lewisohn (the king of Beatles biographies). Any of those guys would greatly warm the cockles of my heart.

NSATPM I'll be honest, I like to occasionally listen to several different Beatles and Paul McCartney topic podcasts and radio shows. It's refreshing to have "Paul or Nothing" as a newer entry, but how are you trying to promote your show within the fan community? 
Whiles: Thank you, It's always tough being the new kid on the block, especially since I do the show by myself, like some sort of digital hermit. Honestly, I should always be doing more to promote the show, but all the avenues are lucrative if you know how to use them. Lately, I have begun promoting the show (and blog) on 10 of the biggest Beatles/McCartney Facebook pages; they have given me a very kind welcome.
Appearing on other podcasts, is a must in this industry, and conversely I am also planning on having other podcast hosts (who will remain nameless for the sake of tension) on the show to help with online visibility. For example, I had YouTube Beatles celeb and auteur 'The HollyHobs' on my channel and that brought me more traffic than I ever could imagine.

If I was in traffic(and could learn to drive*), I would listen to the "Paul or Nothing" Podcast by visiting:
On ITunes, and other podcast sites by typing in "Paul or Nothing" or "Paul McCartney Podcast"
On Twitter @mccartneypod
Thanks to Sam Whiles for his time and interest in talking to us!

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