Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ES-Say #90 Vinyl Gone Wild-DeAgostini Magazine Re-Issued LPs

Hello Peeps! Once again, it's time for another exciting episode of  "Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney"- the blog that has never said anything to Paul McCartney since 2015!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover! April is a busy month of holidays and what's better way to relax and unwind than to read about collecting Beatles vinyl?!?!? My collection is now growing and I want to explain why I'm running out of room this month to store my "new" vinyl!

Actually, all the vinyl I want to talk about are reissues. none of them are actually new but newly re-released for 2017. The craze of owning new reissued vinyl usually makes me feel ill. Why should I be paying £16.99 for an album I could find a similar, older copy for £5? However, I recently bought a new budget priced record player and then I got suckered into the world of DeAgostini.

What is DeAgostini? Well, even the people who are selling UK magazines from the "leading partwork publisher" are giving me blank stares. I might not be able to pronounce the company name, but when I described exactly which of their magazines I was looking for (A vinyl copy of "Help!" by The Beatles) at a leading uk magazine chain, it took fifteen minutes to get a reply that it would be available the next day. Nevermind that DeAgostini magazines ranging from piece-by-piece model making to mostly re-reissued 2009 Beatles albums takes up a lot of noticeable large shelf space in a store. However, you would think that the potential ridiculous revenue a store could get from people addicted to the laughable amount of bi-weekly DeAgostini issues might warrant some general employee knowledge.

Or not. Who cares? Apparently, now I have become one of DeAgostini's Biotches, I care way too much about stores getting in my re-reissued vinyl. Previously, I had decided not to purchase the 2009 Beatles RE-Issues(that's one "re"). These have been available from HMV for prices that seem to slightly more from what DeAgostini is asking. (£9.99 for a copy of "Abbey Road" from DeAgostini seems more justifiable than possibly $8-£10 more from HMV. The same goes for the further new issue albums priced from £16.99-£30+, still cheaper than other retail outlets).

But, saying all that about saving money, with 23 issues to collect bi-weekly, that's going to cost hundreds of pounds! But, since your paying in these handy instalments, you forget what the actual total is going to be. So, since I keep denying that I actually am one of their Biotches, I have come up with a cost-efficient plan...

My Cheepo Plan

Rule One: Do not buy so many double albums and don't buy any triple albums.
Rule Two: Do not subscribe directly to the company to receive very lame-o free gifts.
Rule Three: Purchase what you feel you need to avoid running out of more storage space.

It's that simple- my plan maybe a bit "anal-retentive" and cutting some corners, but it's my money and this is what I want to spend it on. I'd like to have a collection of Beatles vinyl that I can listen to. This is a new concept to me of playing the vinyl and not caring about keeping it sealed and untouched. It could be considered of some interest since the records have DeAgostini credits on the back covers and record labels of the vinyl. (They can easily be told apart from the original 2009 re-issues). I can't tell you if the 180g vinyl is something exclusive(didn't do the research, I still don't understand why 180g weighted vinyl is so wonderful and my record player is pretty basic for sound).

Anyway, here's what I will be harassing retail workers for in the upcoming DeAgostini bi-weekly schedule with a brief reason why I want it.

1. Abbey Road- It's Abbey Road
2. Sgt Pepper- Same As Above
3. Help!- See Above
4. The White Album- See Above
5. Rubber Sole- As mentioned previously
6. Magical Mystery Tour- Coo Coo Ca-Choo
7. Beatles For Sale- Yes, I'm buying some Beatles albums...
8. A Hard Day's Night- whatever I said about this...can't remember
9. With The Beatles- includes an album by The Beatles...duh
10. Revolver- It's Revolver
11. Let It Be- next to last LP contains "Let It be"
12. The Beatles Past Masters- whatever was missing
13. Please Please Me- all together now- It's "Please Please Me"

So, I have ignored ten other releases. Firstly, there's my Yellow Submarine problems(don't ask). Secondly, why do I need the Cirque Du Soleil Lp? I've listened to the CD once. Thirdly, well everything else I'd rather hope I have on a CD, because I really don't want to listen to demos, unreleased tracks, alternate takes, etc on vinyl.

The struggle is real. Did you know that Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is being re-re-re-something-released for the 50th Anniversary? The vinyl copy? yeah, I'm going to Carnival of Light anyway but that type of a song doesn't make my "cut" for playing vinyl at home(it's an unreleased track).

Thanks DeAgostini, I should have chosen to build a Starship Enterprise piece-by-piece instead... 



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