Thursday, October 20, 2016

ES-Say #83 ...But Seriously, Phil Collins Has A Problem With Paul McCartney!?!
                             In Happier Times- A Knebworth Festival 1990 Concert Laserdisc(above)

Friends, Foes, Forever-Balding-Short-Loveable-Pop-Stars, I address you with the absolute pleasure of having an ES-Say to write without any hesitation. As Phil Collins told The Sunday Times this week about his 14-year beef with Paul McCartney(read the republished comments here from The Telegraph), I laughed and I laughed, and I laughed some more.  Why is this? Well, it's possible that I too(either in 1998, or 2002) had a run-in with Phil Collins that was less than favourable. F-Paul? No, F-You Phil Collins. F-You and your low-brow attempt to sell an autobiography. You didn't need Paul McCartney's help, your Phil F"!£$% Collins! For the love of G-D, I need to get this off my chest!

Let's be objectionable and fair about this recent press story. Q. Why did Collins tell this story now? A. To get some attention. Why? A New Book, Remastered Albums, and a Tour after nearly a decade of  practical inactivity*. So, why not stir up an old school styled feud in 2016 in a newspaper, when most musicians would turn to Twitter.  Picture it this way-

PHIL COLLINS OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT- "@PaulMcCartney mocked me and didn't sign a book for me in 2002. Sad. #IMissedAgain

PAUL MCCARTNEY OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT-"@PhilCollins Oh Dear, Our Phil is Angry? News To Me! #ThumpsUp

Honestly, I don't think Paul McCartney was bothered by this "situation," probably to the extent of not remembering the encounter. It sounds a bit weird anyway- Why would you be a fellow performer asking another performer for an autograph during a televised event(with the example of The Queen's Jubilee)? I would imagine the scene is fast-paced and nobody has the time for much relaxed time. "Hey Paul, we're due on stage in two minutes, sign this book for me?" What was he(Collins) thinking?  He was thinking and acting like a fan, not a contemporary. Did he expect Paul to joke about the situation? Maybe Collins should have! It sounds like a joke to me! Just watch how chaotic this show was-

So what was my "Fan" situation with Phil Collins. As I am merely a fan of music, and was acting as a fan when I stood outside of Lincoln Center in NYC waiting for him before a concert. I must have waited about two hours and finally saw him get out of a car. There were about three fans waiting for him, Myself, A helpful Stranger(whom I had been hanging out with as he tipped me off to where to wait), and maybe two other fans(tops). I remember being underwhelmed- didn't get a photo or an autograph at the stage door from Phil Collins. Why? Because he looked angry and annoyed, entering the building. We were confused and then we realised something, England was playing in a World Cup game and at the time the Bald Dwarf showed up, they(England) were in the middle of, or lost to Brazil(?). Or at least this was the consolation story, we had went along with to justify why he couldn't give us the time of day. England lost, he's English, that must be it!

No, he chose not to pander to his fans- that was it. Hmm, sounds like Paul McCartney did the same damn thing. Had Phil Collins said "Hello" to Heather Mills, this celebrity grudge could have all been avoided, no? Yeah, I know Phil Collins was Beatles fan and an extra in "A Hard Days Night". But, I suspect that Collins giving an opinion that Paul McCartney is big headed is a bit too obvious. Some people genuinely feel this way. Some of them are John Lennon fans, it's a possibility Phil Collins is one of those John Lennon fans who have strong opinions about Paul's success. There I said it.

But is there any doubt that a portion of the public feel like what Phil said, Lennon fan or not? Collins said  "I’ve got to preface this by saying McCartney was one of my heroes," to the Sunday Times. "But he has this thing when he’s talking to you, where he makes you feel: [putting on a condescending Scouse accent] ‘I know this must be hard for you, because I’m a Beatle. I’m Paul McCartney and it must be very hard for you to actually be holding a conversation with me."

That portion of the public, we'll call them "Fans." To think that a fellow musician thinks this about another musician is a bit petty to say the least. Does this mean that we shouldn't buy Collins book? No, I didn't allow my cat to pee all over my Phil Collins CDs when I didn't meet him(the cat did ruin some Genesis tapes). I kept them, I still have them. Musically, I still respect his work. I wish that Phil Collins respected Paul McCartney enough to keep his opinions to himself. He doesn't need the extra publicity.

He's Phil F!"£$ Collins. It would be nice if he remembered that for a minute.

*excluding 2010 Going Back covers album.

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