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ES-Say #81

ES-Say #81  The (What's-It-Named) New Beatles Film-Released CD Soundtrack(also available in some type of "Cloud").
Peas Not In An Ipod- the physical CD copy of "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" and Record Collector October 2016.

In our last blog entry, it was discussed in ES-Say #80 (click here) the personal struggle to obtain a Beatles collector-cover issue of Mojo Magazine . The magazine issue turned out to be a disappointment to the coverage expected as publicity for the New Ron Howard Beatles Doc Film(out next week). However, this week, I am happy to discuss the release of Record Collector Magazine this month and the soundtrack(released 9th September 2016) for the film. 

There has been talk about this film through the grapevine for many months now. I only really got interested in the movie tie-in soundtrack of "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" when I saw the CD cover design. The reaction of many fans focused on the opinion of the design being underwhelming. Was this the best that Apple could do? Some even thought it was a temporary cover that would be changed after the release.

Well, sorry children, Apple did indeed slap together an album cover design. It's not the just-got-off-the-airplane-photo that bothers me. It was the placing of the title on the cover that confused me. At first glance, I didn't know what the title of this album was. It says "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" in white lettering at the top. That's the recording, but not the name of the film. The largest white lettering has "The Beatles" placed behind the band photo. No, that's too obvious to be the title but it could have been what the movie was called. The name of this Ron Howard film is actually printed on the cover. (Drum roll please). This movie is called "Eight Days A Week The Touring Years" which is located in green over blue background 2\4ths of the way down the front cover. In reality, the soundtrack album is the first time release of the 1977 "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" LP on CD.

When I got the CD copy from Amazon yesterday, Amazon UK made my day! Not only did I get an email telling me I was overcharged by £1 and refunded, but the advertisement sticker informed me of the correct name of this movie- "Eight Days A Week-The Touring Years"(That dash makes all the difference!). So, I've been calling the movie "The Beatles-The Touring Years". The new CD spine says "The Beatles-Live At The Hollywood Bowl" which is the actual '64\'65 recordings on the CD. So, why don't we "Let it be an end to end to it!" Like Paul's pal Ringo might say in their film "Help!"(1965). *

The release of the material included on the actual CD had also been mentioned a lot, prior to coming out. The vinyl 1977 recording has often been overlooked throughout the years for criticism of being a weak sounding audio recording of the two live performances. Even so, the George Martin produced release had basically been out-of-print with little regard for decades, floating around amongst the vintage vinyl market. I only remembered the original LP cover from my own digging through record bins, but never really noticed what it actually was. To have an official CD release nearly 40 years later is pretty overdue. Martin's son, Giles, 2016 Remix as Producer is welcomed on this recording and punched-up in sound quality. But, here there is so much one can improve on when you have the dominate sound of a hysterical audience screaming to tune down with hope that the secondary sound of The Beatles audio performance, will have the listener able to hear their music more clearly.
Could some bootlegs be better than this official recording? It depends on personal taste of listening to recordings, but to be fair, with the exception of the "live at the BBC" and live "Beatles Anthology" recordings, this is hopefully foreshadowing a future official release of Shea Stadium concerts from Apple.

A "Cloud" on the Amazon Music APP, also contained a full copy of the 2016 recording free for myself to instantly listen to on Friday, in addition to receiveing the actual CD at home. First song up- "Twist And Shout" from the 1965 show- "AND NnnnnnOW The Beatles!" Four seconds into hitting an on-screen play button and the announcer's voice is either naturally sounding nervous saying the word "Now" or the recording is warped. This memorable sound hiccup is forgotten, thankfully for the rest of the songs. On the Amazon "Cloud" because it is a streaming music service, the breaks between each song are interrupting and it is more distracting than the balance of The Beatles vs The Famous Audience Roar. Forgetting that storm "cloud" of breaking sound, on physical CD the concert is much more seemless to enjoy.  I have a few minor issues with some of the content(cut verbal intros and generally, the "beatle-ly" verbal intros did sometimes annoy me).

I did tend to appreciate the 1964 recordings more, the four bonus tracks were great to have tacked on. I want to tell you that out of the four Beatles, that Paul McCartney hit his vocals out of the park, but even though I have this Paul McCartney blog, with three listens to this new  "What-Ja-Mc-Call It?" CD, I give all my loving to George Harrison's lead vox on "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" on this album as the highlights. (Sorry Paul...I still love you, not really on this occasion). There is a very good reason why The Beatles stopped touring and understanding these live dynamics that will be mentioned in the film are very significant to The Beatles story. (Another blog ES-Say is needed for the film).

Now, before I must stop writing to continue my life, I gotta tell you how much I enjoyed waking up to go to the supermarket and Record Collector was sitting on the shelf for me to gingerly place in my shopping trolley. I left a copy of the Daily Mail in my bag over the magazine as I walked home in the rain when a real "cloud" decided to let loose. At home, the newspaper got slightly wet but the magazine remained dry. A great addition to my magazine collection with content that hit the mark- A Giles Martin interview, a small review of the film, and a cover story which discusses Beatles recordings and updated First Pressings content from the "Rare Records Price Guide" 2018(? Maybe it was a typo, what happened to the 2017 edition?).

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