Saturday, July 2, 2016

ES-Say #76

                             ES-Say #76 McCartney And Brexit- EXPLAINED! (or not...)

                              Put Your Hand Down!-Too Late To Have A Vote Now, Paul

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney "The Blog" actually had one thing in common with "The Paul McCartney"* regarding the recent EU Referendum- being "Undecided" to be "In or Out." Yes, McCartney was asked in interviews** weeks ago about "Brexit," and was on the fence. Our blog? Unable to vote and undecided anyway. Post-EU Referendum? This blog is moaning about the divorce. However, it's now time to discuss how plummeting exchange rates might mean "The Paul McCartney" could decide to tour the UK.*** 

Fellow Americans****, this week you should consider taking trips to London, because your dollars now have a good exchange rate than ever before***** So, since it costs more for Paul McCartney to do the opposite, as in travelling to the USA on the Pound, as the Pound is sinking(Boom Boom)****** his future plans after the current 2016 Tour may keep him in the UK. If McCartney doesn't plan to tour the UK to save a few Bob, I got nothing else to really speculate about. 

Virgin mogul Richard Branson made an interesting argument, if I understood what he was babbling about prior to the vote. One of the things as a businessman he said he couldn't do prior to the EU being formed was "I couldn’t move my employees between Britain and Europe without visas..."6* 

Which Virgin employees this would have applied to, assumingly, were his record label stars 7*. Musicians touring the world have road crews to account for in travel. In modern times, McCartney's own road crews and staff that he travels with are OK to travel without visas within the EU 8*. After two years of sussing out a plan for the UK to leave the EU, 2018 maybe a very light year for sorting out a complex European tour.

But, maybe it will be no barrier. McCartney can afford to tour anywhere he wants thanks to being one of Britain's greatest imports. My Fellow Americans have probably figured out by now that despite McCartney claiming he was on tour and couldn't vote 9*, He would have voted remain. It doesn't even matter anymore because everyone in hindsight to be "trendy" is saying they knew leaving was a mistake. This is why Paul is now talking about the advice from financial analysts to stay in as being a valid argument. He, along with other undecided voters should have revealed how he would have voted prior to the decision. The whole "they told us it was a bad idea" bandwagon complaints was a reaction to the immediate result of the referendum result- The mighty Pound was now at a 30 year low against the USD. Even the 17 million leave voters aren't able to say more than "oh well, we will keep calm and carry on". They can't actually admit they got it wrong based on stock market shake ups.10* Everybody in the UK is feeling the actual affects on their incomes. If the sterling goes up in value in the future due to Brexit, I'm sure everyone will claim they voted "Out" instead of "In".
If I have any point to this ES-Say and Brexit results in a huge UK tour, I really won't be surprised, just broke attempting to scrape money together for multiple McCartney shows.11*

*That what we sometimes call "him" here
**Example- The Mail On Sunday, 5th of June, 2016
***All Of This Is BS, I got nothing to back this up.
****Sorry, our records indicate that USA readership is highest for this blog but we welcome former and current EU readership!
***** Slightly better, extra lunches maybe, but not daily massages!
*****I do that joke way too much....if it even is a joke...
6* The Irish Times 20/6/16
7* Virgin spaceship-thingy division wasn't started yet. It was his Virgin Records company making waves in the 1970s.
8* Non-EU road crew still has to secure their European travel, but in the future it will include McCartney himself along with other British employees.
9* Some recent interview, maybe The Washington Post, I'm too lazy to quote the quote.
10* please don't send letters, whatever your opinion is, it's just my view.
11* somehow this guarantees paying more to travel where ever Paul wants to play.
12* This blog took a week to write, and I'm sorry if it's not chock full o' Paul. I wish there was more to report but a private concert in the UK and Stella McCartney playing Glastonbury is a bit random to discuss since I've seen clips of neither.

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