Saturday, June 18, 2016

ES-Say #75 Stone Free Festival! Free Record Show! Free Me Now!
At least I came home with a button from The O2...

As I enjoy attending record fairs from, it seemed like a special event to bring one to The O2. Usually, you need to have your hand stamped for admission and pay a small fee. I did enjoy freely walking into the Vinyl Fair area at The O2 today, avoiding getting branded, but I was puzzled. With The Stone Free Festival(18th-19th June) hosting this event, it made me think the VIP Fair would be packed with sellers(it wasn't).

The fair was placed in the empty area in front of the main O2 concert merchandise booth. It felt more like a sample of what a record show is like, just without the amount of various types of music I would expect to see. There was a good amount of Beatles Vinyl, just I wanted to go home with a few more range of items. (Yes, I'm talking about Bootlegs...I don't think they had enough "questionable releases" to keep me interested).

I spent a total of £18. Probably about £40 less than normal and I had thought I might go for broke had the fair been massive. What did I buy then? Abbey Road on CD! *Smacks Self*

For me, as much as it's a moment to buy Abbey Road for the first time on CD(Ed. Note- yeah, we had a dodgy copy already, but £4 for a 1987 copy seemed worth it), I wasn't looking to own one today. Aside from a McCartney Tour Button, Magical Mystery Tour 45 rpm with colour booket, and a Flaming Pie picture disc, I wasn't in the mood to look for anything else of personal value. I had only picked up "Young Boy" for a fiver because I have my original copy in storage.
This may be some impulse buys but I had to come back with something...

Storage, which hasn't been discussed here for awhile, is all the Macca\ Beatles materials I left about a decade ago in my sister's walk-in closet, possibly never to be seen again, as it cost about £700 to retrieve. I will re-buy most of this stuff without trying to remember what I actually left behind when I moved to Mars(Ed. Note- also known as Europe).

With not much interest in staying around The O2 for more than 45 minutes, I left underwhelmed and not interested in seeing Alice Cooper tonight appearing at the Stone Free Festival. So, I spent the remainder of the day blogging for Paul McCartney's birthday.

The next time I attend a record show, I think it would be better to fork over the admission fees, if only to report back to whomever reads this blog that I struck gold and found some Wings imports...

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney would once again like to wish our favorite, Cute One, The Red Milkweed Beetle, a happy Birth-Hold On, I shouldn't drink and's Paul McCartney's Birthday, Dammit! Hooray! Join our Facebook group, it's somewhere on Facebook....

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