Saturday, April 16, 2016

ES-Say #68 Vinyl Discretion Is Not Advised!
                           Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? Nope, It's a "White Label" Promo!

An article written on the 5th of April from , was posted this past tuesday on the official Paul McCartney Facebook page. Entitled "Has The World's Greatest Living Songwriter Just Dropped A Mysterious New Record?" the article reveals that McCartney, released a new 12" remix vinyl copy of "Nineteen-Hundred Eighty-Five". This white label promo was listed as available at Phonica, a record store in the Soho area of London. However, it seems like this album was on Pre-Order back in March and currently sold-out at the Phonica Website .  Even under the artist listed as "Unknown Artist" the white label photo shown of Paul(possibly taken during his time with The Beatles, I guess...) along with the song title was enough to alert the public that this was a new rarity. So rare, in fact that the 300 worldwide copies may have been very few actually available at Phonica for sale.

I am reading between the lines of the details at the Phonica listing for the LP. Since it's basically a local call for myself, I decided to ring Phonica up today to get my questions answered, on Saturday, unknowingly it was annual UK Record Store Day .  Until the sales person told me, I had no frickin' clue because I had been concerned I had a stomach flu and had a sick bucket at my bedside ready and waiting. Yet, during my conversation, I had a feeling the salesperson assumed I knew that it was the busiest day of the year for them, and why the fook was I calling them to ask about a non-record store day release?

So, here was the gist of what I found out during my three-minute conversation- These two tracks- Nineteen- Hundred Eighty-Five remix and club mix, are actually planned to be re-released soon and officially(TBA). The White Label Promo or an official release have not since been made available as a release for UK Record Store Day. The samples of these remix which can be heard on their website are snippets and were not meant to showcase the actual full versions.

I see this as good news, despite not being able to find out the amount of White Label Promos Phonica actually had or sold-out of(as it's a "no comment" question due to private business information). The record was pre-ordered at £7.99(about $12) yet yahoos on Ebay want to sell it for inflated prices that they can get away with charging. I was able to find out about the history of White Label Promos On Wikipedia which I hadn't really understand that they are meant basically as test pressings to stir up interest in forthcoming releases. You really learn something everyday!

It has felt like a few under-the-radar vinyl releases from Paul recently have been rather a hassle to acquire. I speaking mainly about the UK Record Store Day official releases in the past couple years. For example, I didn't get what was going on with "Hope For The Future" 12" McCartney signed labels that were virtually impossible to get on release day(they really unfairly were mysteriously unavailable for purchase and horribly back-fired as a promotion for the pubic, in which it was originally intended). Also, I stood out in the cold for about 3-hours trying to get the Wings live version of "Maybe I'm Amazed" as one person, literally in-front of myself, was lucky to get the only copy the record store was selling.

As the attention has quickly shifted away from this new white promo release, due to the One on One Tour beginning in California. It is possible that the Pure McCartney release(that I have said I am unimpressed with) will now have special remixes available to enjoy. I think I might have to put on a fake accent next time I call Phonica records, but I think it was worth making an ass of myself concerning this vinyl issue.

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