Saturday, April 9, 2016

ES-Say #67 One on One Tour 2016-Random Thoughts!
        Paul Mixes It Up-"Hey! Everybody Out There! Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah- MY LOVE!"

As Paul is about to hit the road to tour the USA and select other countries, it was time for consideration of what will set the tour apart from the recent "Out There" tour. The Pure McCartney(2016) 2-CD edition has 39 tracks. Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney is predicting these songs will become the setlist with some minor variations. Makes sense, so here are those tracks-
1. Maybe I'm Amazed
2. Heart Of The Country
3. Jet
4. Warm And Beautiful
5. Listen To What The Man Said
6. Dear Boy
7. Silly Love Songs
8. The Song We Were Singing
9. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
10. Another Day
11. Sing The Changes
12. Jenny Wren
13. Save Us
14. Mrs Vandebilt
15. Mull of Kintyre
16. Let ‘Em In
17. Let Me Roll It
18. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
19. Ebony and Ivory    
20. Band on the Run
21. Arrow Through Me
22. My Love
23. Live and Let Die
24. Too Much Rain
25. Goodnight Tonight
26. Say Say Say [2015 Remix]
27. My Valentine
28. The World Tonight
29. Pipes of Peace
30. Dance Tonight
31. Here Today
32. Wanderlust
33. Great Day
34. Coming Up
35. No More Lonely Nights
36. Only Mama Knows
37. With a Little Luck
38. Hope For The Future
39. Junk

I have no idea if this setlist prediction is true or even possible. I don't care if someone else already thought of it before myself. It is only brainstorming as much as what Paul could possibly come up with to adjust the material he has recently be touring with. Song #26, for example, seems a bit impossible to pull off unless using samples of Michael Jacksons recorded voice. It's just a setlist and I encourage my readers to predict and express there own opinion also.

Moving on- Sadly, at this point, there hasn't been a tour date close enough for myself to attend. It seems that some of these shows may be broadcasted live on the internet, which is ok by me. Normally, what I like to have is at least a couple audio copies of Paul's concerts over a period of the touring schedule. When some slightly different changes appear on the setlists, that's what I'm looking to have a copy of. I'm happy to hear about fans attending shows and I don't really feel left out as I hope I will have another opportunity to see McCartney tour this year. I think there will be a lot of news stories about the One on One tour and lots of exciting merchandise and collectibles to acquire. This is all regardless of getting to toss my panties on stage(ED Note- NOT HAPPENING, THIS ISN'T 1964!). I will be able to have some new collection additions and will be able to show the booty(ED. Note- The Treasures! There will be no nudity!)

Good things coming up and I hope to hear some comments from the fans about their 2016 tour experiences!

BIG BLOG BICKERING CORRECTION-Last weekend, ES-Say #66 expressed an opinion as a rant, that forthcoming Pure McCartney CD was a copyout release to have to tour for the new 2016 One On One Tour. One of the issues discussed was the exclusion of all songs from Off The Ground(1993) album. Our mistake. "Winedark Open Sea," an album track of Off The Ground, will appear in the 4-CD edition of Pure McCartney. However, since this song was never a single or a memorable highlight of the album, it is clearly a personal choice from Paul for inclusion. Obviously, we did make a error but we wished we made an error for overlooking a better choice from the 1993 album. (Like any of the 11 other tracks out of the 12 tracks).     

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